Amadoras – When our readers lost their shame

Since our first days of life, back in 2008, our readers have always contributed by sending amateur photos to the blog. See more porn pics here.


I access Testosterone

If in the first posts of the much-missed session “I access Testosterone” the photos were well behaved, after some time things changed, and the amateur photos became more and more spicy.

And for being a blog that talks about sex and porn openly and without treating the topics as taboo, our readers have always felt respected and encouraged to participate in our posts.

That’s how Testosterone began to receive increasingly daring amateur photos on our social networks.


  • Naked women on Testosterone
  • Amateur photos of our readers part 1

Amateur photography paradise

Our twitter has always been based on posting photos of our followers, and over time we started to receive photos on instagram, by email, and mainly on snapchat.

We always shared the photos anonymously, so our readers could play the game of showing off without having to expose their identity.

For a long time we kept all this record of homemade photos on our tumblr page.

However, tumblr decided to remove all erotic and adult content from its platform.

Therefore, we are making a series of posts to rescue this material!

Testosterone Readers / Amateurs

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That’s all for now, but wait, because next week we’ll be back with another cool gallery of amateur photos around here. Our collection has more than 2000 unpublished and exclusive photos of our dear readers, who are a source of pride for our team and Edu.

Did you like the post? Then leave your opinion in the comments. What type of content you want to see here?

And if you want to participate, send your photos to our social networks: Twitter or Instagram


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