Ana Ribeiro – She is pure seduction

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As usual Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, that’s why we bring you the sensual essay of another one of our Testosterona Girls wonders: Ana Ribeiro

Do you like tattoos? A beautiful woman? Well, be ready to really fall in love with these shots made by photographer Bruno Cruz

Ana Ribeiro

Ana Ribeiro knows very well how to charm anyone, the 24-year-old tattoo artist has also been a model for two years. But when she’s not working, the cat has great hobbies: playing video games and riding her motorcycle. Delicious, right? I bet a lot of people would love to spend their free time like this too!

Ana Ribeiro


Ana Ribeiro started exploring her sensual side two years ago and in the meantime has seen positive changes in her life. “I started because I feel good and my self-esteem has improved a lot with it”, she comments. And just like us, she really enjoyed the essay for the Blog: “I loved the result, I felt incredible”. And it was!

Ana Ribeiro

perfect recipe

If you were wondering if Ana Ribeiro is single, the answer is no. Very happily married, the cat really knows what she was always looking for in a man and, of course, she found it: “Vain, intelligent and faithful”.

Ana Ribeiro


With more than 70,000 followers on her official Instagram account, the model receives a lot of affection from her fans. “I love my followers and my fans, I treat everyone who respects me well”, says Ana Ribeiro. What else does she receive by direct? Many, very many, sung.

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happy with the result

Photographing mainly sensual shoots for three years, Bruno Cruz has this as his main profession and believes that the main challenge of photos of this type is when he is photographing a shy model. And what did he think of today’s photos? “It was a very good experience, and I was very happy with the opportunity to show my work”, he comments.

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With you, Ana Ribeiro naked:

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