Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail

As usual, Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, so we bring you the sensual test of another one of our Testosterona Girls wonders: Andressa Sisto

Age: 24 years
Where was born: Sao Paulo
Where do you live: Sao Paulo
Instagram: @andressasisto

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 22

Before you find the title of the post strange, when the story of the “gothic tail” came up, Andressa’s photos were used to illustrate the meme and she loved it.

Check below the interview and unpublished photos of our gothic rabuda, who is back on the blog after 3 years!

Andrea Sisto

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Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 23

What do you work with and for how long?

Andressa Sisto: I’ve been working as a model since I was 18! I love working with sexy photos, but I also love doing work for brands!

Andressa Sisto, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Andressa Sisto: I’m very homely, clearly a Netflix fan haha! But I also love spending hours doing artistic makeup.

Why did you decide to start working on your sensual side?

Andressa Sisto: I’ve always been a very shy person and when I did my first sensual shoot at the age of 18, it helped me a lot with my self-esteem, because I saw that part of me that I didn’t even know existed before being born, lol!

Have you ever suffered any prejudice for this? If yes, how do you handle it?

Andressa Sisto: I suffered more in the beginning when I was younger, but I always dealt with it well, I never let it shake me, on the contrary I felt even more willing to show off, lol!

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 24

There is a meme going around on the internet about goth asses, you even posted some pictures on your twitter putting that you are a “goth ass” in the caption. Who first called you that?

Yes! When the meme exploded, people started using my photos as the gothic tail, lol!!!! I loved! They posted on pages on Facebook, Twitter and even on the meme profile on Instagram. Until now, there are people who only call me a goth asshole, even in person.

So let’s put the title of the post like this: Andressa Sisto, our gothic tail. What about?

Andressa Sisto: Perfect!! Laughs!

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 25

Did you like the result of the photos for the Blog? Did it feel good?

Andressa Sisto: I loved it! I feel very free and very myself. I just love doing it!

Did you know Testosterone how?

I met her in 2017 at my first rehearsal here for the site. It was really cool at the time! And I’m happy to be back!

What’s the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in while shooting?

Andressa Sisto: There was a funny time, when I went to take some hot photos in the elevator of the building and then when I went down there was the doorman, the janitor and the manager watching me on the cameras, I died of embarrassment, but I had a good laugh.

What was the place where you most enjoyed photographing?

I loved photographing at the beach, and I can’t wait to do a more recent beach shoot haha.

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 26

Do you have any professional dreams?

Andressa Sisto: My professional dream has always been to be able to live on what I love to do and luckily I live this dream and it is very rewarding 🥰

Do you have any fetishes?

Yes, I love knowing that they love my feet and I love a massage on them. Laughs.

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 27

How is your relationship with your fans/followers?

Andressa Sisto: I have amazing followers and fans! They give me so much affection and love, they make my every day better and maybe even they don’t know it.

What kind of messages do you receive most in your inbox?

I always receive a lot of affection and compliments, on my snap and Twitter I always respond and I manage to reciprocate the affection!

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 28

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Andressa Sisto: So, I like upbeat songs that I can dance to, I love dancing, sensualizing. I love pop!

What do you like to watch?

I’m in love with romantic movies hahaha and I love reality shows! I watch them all!

Andrea Sisto
Andressa Sisto – Our gothic tail 29

Meet photographer Jardel Rodrigues

Name: Jardel Rodrigues
Age: 29 years old
Instagram: @jardelrfotografia

Since when do you photograph sensual shoots?

I work with sensual photography since 2012.

Is it your job or hobby?

It’s my main job. But in addition to sensual photography, I also work with events.

Do you have a specific project?

Not for now.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in making sexy photos?

The biggest challenge is putting the model at ease. Sometimes nervousness can get in the way, so I like to talk a lot before rehearsal, exchanging references, costumes, poses, everything to make her as comfortable as possible.

How was taking the photos?

It is always a great pleasure to photograph Andressa Sisto. I’ve known her for many years, we’ve done several rehearsals, so it’s always great fun

Did you already know Testosterone?

Yes, I already knew, in fact it is the 3rd test that I do for Testosterone.

With you our Gothic Rabuda, Andressa Sisto naked:

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