Anita: a real spectacle


Considered by many to be the main Brazilian singer today, Anitta has been building an international career and continues to be talked about in the media. In addition to her obvious musical talent, the artist boasts a perfect body and takes advantage of this to frequently sensualize, especially in her clips. She also has an Onlyfans account, where she doesn’t appear naked (that would be too good to be true), but posts a little spicier content for an affordable price. In addition, anitta’s tattoo is one of the most searched things on the Brazilian internet, even here on the blog the search for “Anitta nua”, “Anitta xvideos” and “Anitta pelada” is always on the rise.


Name: Anitta (Anitta nua)
Age: 28
Profession: Singer
Instagram: @anitta
Onlyfans: @anita

Anita a real spectacle


Anitta nua


The singer emerged at the beginning of the last decade and became popular in the funk genre. In 2013, she became successful in Brazil with the hits “Meiga e Abusada” and Show das Poderosas, which reached the top of the music charts. In the same year, she released her first album.

Today, Anitta already has five albums, the last of which was released this year, entitled “Girl from Rio”. In addition to national successes, she has also collaborated with several world-renowned artists, such as Maluma, Rita Ora and Cardi B.

Famosas Onlyfans

Anitta Nua: sensuality and Onlyfans


Anitta has always valued her body a lot, especially her huge ass. Her extravagant looks always draw attention in her work, as in the video “Bola Rebola”, where her breasts are exposed at various times.

In addition, the singer followed the fashion of several celebrities and announced her account on Onlyfans. She has always made clear the goal of publicizing her artwork on the platform, without nudes. Despite this, it is a chance for fans to have more contact with the artist, in addition to being able to enjoy exclusive content, such as the famous video of her anal tattoo.

Anita Instagram

See this photo on Instagram

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Anitta nua
Anitta nua
1667945425 887 Anita a real spectacle
1667945428 725 Anita a real spectacle

Anitta Nua

Like many other celebrities, the singer does not escape showing too much at various times (sometimes even on purpose). See some pictures of the singer Anitta naked.

1667945431 830 Anita a real spectacle
1667945435 77 Anita a real spectacle
Anitta nua
anita xvideos
Anitta nua
naked anita
naked anita
Anitta nua


naked anita
bare anita

Nude Annita and her tattoo

Anitta’s tattoo is one of the most sought after things on the internet!

Anita Xvideos / Anita Nua

Naked Anitta getting a tattoo on her ass (Anitta tattoo)


Anitta nude sensualizing


anita naked for you


Anita before and after

Anita before and after
anita xvideos



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