Anna – colored hair and good mood

Name: Anna Codon
Age: 22
City: SP
Instagram: @com2n_n
Twitter: @com2n_n

Anna Codon

Anna – colored hair and good mood 10

How would you define Anna?

Anna: I am intense and positive. I am not one to create superficial relationships, when I like someone or something that person or that will receive a lot of my attention and dedication, I will always be that friend who thinks positively and will try to come up with a suggestion to improve things, at the same time contrary to a lot of people who are just in the “wow, what the hell right?”.

Do you study? Already graduated?

Anna: I was supposed to be a biomedical graduate, but in the middle of last year I decided to quit to dedicate myself to my work online. I unlocked this year, but I already had the tcc submitted and everything, now I just need to officially receive the diploma.

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Tell us a little about your activities

Anna: I work as a content creator, my passion has always been to photograph and to be photographed, and I discovered that, contrary to what people say, you can make a living from that alone.

I’m not saying that I’m just a creator of adult content, because what I do goes beyond that, I create content for Instagram, Tiktok and I have other projects coming up, which are not necessarily aimed at an adult audience. Oh and in addition to being a model, I am also the creator and manager of a whatsapp group, I take care of recruitment and manage how things work there.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Anna: I love parks, museums, exhibitions, alternative film festivals, basically cultural activities or being in contact with nature. I’m not much for going out to bars or clubs, I enjoy staying at home watching a movie or a series, but I confess that I can’t resist a rave!

Anna Codon
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Do you like sports? Do you cheer for any team?

Anna: I don’t follow sports or support any team.

What types of movies do you like the most?

Anna: The ones you’ve never heard of, you know? Laughs. Every year here in SP there are festivals with several releases and many of these don’t usually enter the normal cinema circuit, so I always try to go.

Anna Codon
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What are your favorite movies?

Anna: The Swedish films of the Millennium saga (I love the books and the American version too, but the Swedish ones have all the originality of the books).

Like series? What are your favorites?

Anna: I love series, my heart is Hannibal, I still have hopes that it will come back on air someday. Doctor Who, 11th and 13th are my favorite Doctors and Amy is the best companion that ever existed (in fact, earlier this year I realized the dream of meeting and hugging the actress who played her). A Series of Unfortunate Events, aka THE BEST BOOK ADAPTATION THAT EVER WAS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. And a more current one that I’m obsessed with is Westworld, amazing how they manage to make each season surpass the previous one.

What music style do you listen to the most?

Anna: I listen to a little bit of everything, but if you stop and look, what else is on my playlist is Alternative Rock/Indie and Trap.

Which artists or bands do you like the most?

Currently my favorite singers are Grimes, Melanie Martinez, and a band that is always on repeat here is The Birthday Massacre.

Anna Codon
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Which book marked you the most? Why?

Anna: It’s not just 1 book, but a series of 13: A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read it for the first time when I was 13 years old and it greatly influenced the formation of my personality.

Who are the people who inspire you?

Anna: I really admire Penny Suicide and Amanda Welp, seeing their work inspires me to try to grow and evolve to put my dreams into practice the way they put theirs into practice.

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Are you single?

Yesss but probably not for long I love dating ♥️

If you could create your ideal love match, which 3 qualities would you choose?

Anna: The essential thing for me is for the person to be open minded, honest and have character.

Anna, since when do you follow Testosterone?

Anna: I’ve been following Testosterone for about 2 years, I love interviews with models and getting to know a little more about what each one really is.

Anna Codon
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