Asa Akira – The Asian queen of anal!

Good morning, good afternoon and good night! This Jurassic being who writes to you brings today a pinnacle of world porn: Asa Akira, queen of anal, podcaster, reality TV presenter, writer and winner of several AVN awards – the Oscar of world porn – with more than 400 films in her curriculum .


Asa Akira
Asa Akira – The Asian queen of anal! 6


Asa Akira

Stage name of American porn actress Asa Takigami, also known as Akira Lee. She started working as a photographic model, then went on to perform sex scenes with women and only in 2008 did she have her first sex scene with men. Her path to stardom really came in 2011 with “Asa Akira Is Insatiable”, where she not only did her first anal scene, but also double penetration and thus earning her first AVN’s, for both scenes!

Asa started performing in X-rated films at the age of twenty in 2006, and until 2008 he only did scenes with women, when he did his first sex scene with men. Asa Akira became one of the biggest names in world pornography, standing out for his hardcore scenes, group sex, anal sex and submission.

Asa Akira
Asa Akira – The Asian queen of anal! 7

Winner of numerous AVN awards, we can highlight: best anal sex scene, best double penetration scene, best threesome scene, the favorite film chosen by the public with “Asa Akira Is Insatiable” of 2011, and the award for actress of the year offered by the XBIZ Awards in the same year.

1672987515 36 Asa Akira %E2%80%93 The Asian queen of anal
Asa Akira – The Asian queen of anal! 8

In the following years, she received numerous awards for her anal sex and double penetration performances, and it is for these and other reasons that we can say that this American’s ass with Asian features is a world porn heritage: almost every fan in the world recognizes it.

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Curiosities about Asa Akira

In addition to a unique beauty and a unique appetite on the scene, Asa Akira is also endowed with multiple talents that she explores in an exemplary, charismatic way. world porn. She is also a writer of erotic books, she already has four titles in her catalogue.

1672987522 219 Asa Akira %E2%80%93 The Asian queen of anal
Asa Akira – The Asian queen of anal! 9

In a recent interview, when asked if she would feel comfortable if her parents read her books, she said: “Not. I’ve told them I don’t want them to read it, and they aren’t interested in it either. We are not a family that talks about sex. I’d rather my mom see me get gangbanged. In gangbang, she can justify this to herself by saying that I’m not really into it. If she reads my book, she’ll know that I do.” That is, we can assume that she writes with the same horny as she acts. She is also the host of the official Pornhub Podcast.


Asa Akira Porno

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