Bad Abigail – Monetizing a hobby!

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  • Name: Bad Abigail Onlyfans
  • Age: 32 years old
  • City: São Paulo
  • Bad Abigail OnlyFans: @bad.abigail
  • Instagram: @bad.abigail
  • Twitter: @badbadabigail

Bad Abigail defines herself as “a normal woman, like any other, with work, family” but who discovered an extra source of income with a hobby she loves: Taking sexy pictures!

Above all, as it is tradition around here to make room for our always wonderful readers and today this Jurassic being who writes to you, presents a very special one, she is 32 years old, lives in São Paulo and has a lot of content to present to you, check it out !

Bad Abigail

First of all, Abigail, you are very welcome, for our readers who don’t know you yet, tell us a little about your trajectory.

I’m a normal woman, like any other, with work, family, etc., but who discovered an extra source of income in a personal hobby. I always liked taking pictures, and I always liked taking nudes too. My ex-boyfriends and my current husband say so. 😈 Now I just monetize with them. That is, I combined hunger with the desire to eat. Not bad, huh? 🤣

How did the idea of ​​exploring the “profitable side”, so to speak, of your sensuality come up, how did this idea of ​​creating an OnlyFans account come about?

Abigail: Once, while scrolling through Twitter, I came across a tweet from a girl celebrating the purchase of her first home with the money she made in less than a year from OnlyFans. I thought that was amazing! I didn’t even know about the site, and that’s when I stopped and thought, “Why not?”


Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

Bad Abigail: Without a doubt! I always have been, actually. Even before OnlyFans. I’ve always liked sensual photos, nudes, in short, feeling sexy and beautiful also through the lens of a camera. It is something that undoubtedly brings me personal satisfaction.

How does it feel for you, Abigail, to be desired by so many men, and why not, women too?

I think it’s cool. It’s good for self-esteem, of course. And to be honest with you, it made me change a lot of misconceptions and misconceptions that I even had about what men liked/wanted from women. We women charge ourselves a lot, especially physically. We think we always have to be perfect, impeccable, and we think that’s what men expect from us, but OnlyFans made me realize that no, men don’t want to see perfection.

They want to see real women, with their real bodies and who feel loose and free being who they are. The era of plastic women is gone. Women now want to be able to just be real human beings, with their imperfections completely normal, and the good news is that’s exactly what men want too.

What can our readers expect from Abigail, will it be a more “hard” profile or something more provocative and sensitive?

Since the beginning of my OnlyFans, I definitely decided that I wouldn’t go into pornography, it’s not something I feel comfortable doing. And if I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel happy, then what’s the point, right? I like sensuality, the naked, the erotic, the beauty. That’s what conquers me and that’s my proposal.

In fact, I make this very clear at the beginning of my profile, because I also don’t want to deceive anyone into thinking that they will see heavy whoring, subscribe and only see nude content. So those who sign know exactly what they are paying for. And well, so far, zero complaints. 😏

And when she’s not working (in her job outside OF), or producing content for OnlyFans, what does Abigail like to do in her spare time?

I like to spend time with my family, I also like to travel, watch movies, series, listen to music, read, write, and I love games in general.

Bad Abigail OnlyFans

Abigail, vDo you intend to do some planning to create your content for OnlyFans or are you going to do it for pure pleasure and let instinct take you during productions?

I do everything on instinct. I always base myself on what gives me pleasure. Am I enjoying? I’m enjoying? Am I looking cool? So it’s valid! And it will continue to be so. First of all, I don’t want it to become that boring, unpleasant obligation. Therefore, I want it to always be light and fun, that’s the main thing for me!

What do you think of this popularization of platforms, what is your vision, as a woman who experiences her sexuality naturally, the possibility of now, in addition to exploring her exhibitionist side, also making it an alternative income? Do you consider this a form of empowerment?

Bad Abigail: I think it’s fantastic! Mainly because of the woman’s choice to do what SHE wants, at the time and the way SHE wants and imposing HER own limits as well. Because there isn’t a boss, a producer, nobody in her ear saying “you have to do this or that!”. It’s her with herself. She is her own boss.

She doesn’t depend on anything or anyone to earn her money. Just an internet connection and, of course, paying the chosen site’s commission. Haha But this freedom that the internet has brought us is wonderful for content creators. All of them. Whether they are adult content or not.

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Do you like watching porn too? Do you have a favorite type? And what does someone need to have to get your attention?

Abigail: I like it a lot, but I don’t like anything that seems forced, fake, I like to feel that people’s pleasure is real, you know? So I don’t like anything full of production, script, fake screams and a lot of acting. It takes away all the horniness. I belong to the team that clicks on the “amateur” tab of Xhamster. 🤣 Well, I’m married, but I’ve always liked confident men, who treat me well, make me laugh and are obstinate in life.


Do you have a dream you still want to fulfill? Despite not being in the field, do you have any sex workers that inspire or admire your work?

Abigail: A dream to come true, of course I have. Because I think we always have to have otherwise life loses its meaning, I have thousands of dreams in all areas of my life. And I hope to reach every one of them. 🥰

As for sex workers, as I’m not in the field, I really don’t know many, but without a doubt, the one who inspired me to venture into this was @savannah_solo, the girl I commented on at the beginning who made the tweet that caught my attention. She does incredible work, is extremely tasteful and is so dedicated that I find it very inspiring.

Finally, thank you very much for your attention and affection for receiving us. Abigail, the space is all hers, leave a final message for our readers.

I appreciate the space to talk a little about my experience, which is also being very new to me, but very pleasant. And anyone who wants to follow me, talk, exchange an idea can send a message and I’ll love to chat.

And girls who also want to venture into this world, don’t be shy. Your bodies are beautiful, you are beautiful. Don’t care what Fulano or Ciclana will say/think. You own you. Life is there to be lived. Play with your head! ❤️


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