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beh sant

Name: Well Sant
Age: 25
Instagram: @behsantt
Twitter: @behsantt

Well Sant

Well Sant

Welcome to Testosterone. To start I would like to ask you to introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet.

My name is Beh Sant, I’m 25, I’m born and raised in Porto Alegre, I’m an Aquarius (genius woman), model and adult content creator.

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How would you define yourself?

Well, I define myself as brave and resilient. Because even with all the obstacles I’ve gone through and still go through, nothing shakes my will and my courage to throw myself into new experiences. Even though it’s difficult, I never lose the will to smile, be happy and try to get it right. That’s what life is about, it’s about not letting yourself get down in the first few falls!

Beh Sant , what is your area of ​​professional interest?

Currently I have entered the world of tattooing, I have already finished the interior design course but my real passion is tattooing. That’s where I find myself!

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Japan! I am simply in love with Japanese culture and their history. The feeling of being literally on the other side of the world intrigues me a lot!

What musical style do you like the most?

Rock (almost all aspects), without a doubt!

What song can’t be missing from Beh Sant’s sex playlist?

Any one from The Weekend. He simply has the gift of dominating such a climate!

Well Sant

What qualities do you admire in people?

Gratitude and empathy. They are essential for a good coexistence in society. Ungrateful and empathetic people are excluded from my life.

Do you like sports?

I love sport and I play volleyball. High like that isn’t it?! A Volleyball goes super well! but as a good gaucha, I’m a Grêmio fan.

Beh Sant, are you single?

I wouldn’t say single, I would say in an open relationship with myself. Haha ha

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How long have you been working with adult content and what has the experience been like for you?

A question that is a little difficult to answer. Because I really started in 2020 during the pandemic, but I didn’t take it forward. And in 2021 I really gave myself to producing.

What motivated you to work with adult content, and already enjoying it, do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

Yea! The answer to the question is already the question itself (laughs). Because I’m an exhibitionist person and I really enjoy being in front of the cameras. It’s something I really like a lot and I have a vocation. I’m totally free with my body and I like the feeling of showing it without fear and apprehension!

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And what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to go to the beach, cook for other people, I also like to just do nothing. Hahahaha

What kind of content do you most enjoy producing?

Photos! I love photos! But I also really enjoy being live with my viewers!

And what are your plans for the future of Beh Sant?

My plans currently consist of setting up my own tattoo studio and it’s for women only!

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Are you also a consumer of adult content?

HARD! Haha I think I’m one of the women who consumes pornography the most. Short! I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that, just horny! (Laughs)

How is your relationship with pornography?

We are a toxic couple! I know it’s bad but I can’t let go haha

What makes you excited?

Haha this answer is kind of crazy, but I get turned on by looks and biting my lips! Impossible for me to hold my wave seeing my partner look at me with a lot of desire while biting his lips!

What’s the secret to winning?

Be 100%. I don’t like shallow and half people. I’m practical! Either you are totally surrendered or you will never have me! I don’t like games. But I even like more difficult people. A little contradictory, but despite preferring more dedicated people, I like to conquer too. I believe that this contradiction can be reconciled (laughs)

Beh Sant nua

And do you have an adult channel on any platform? PornHub, Xvideos, Telegram? On what platforms can our readers find your content?

I have, in Camera Prive, for everyone who wants to access there, just put my name in the search bar and you will find everything!

Have you ever been invited to participate in a porn production? Topia?

I already got it. But I’m still a little wary about pornography jobs where I’d have to be with other people together. I think my talent is producing alone. But we stay here, open to possibilities

Beh Sant, how long have you been following Testosterone?

I’ve known this blog for a long time! I’m still waiting for my beautiful baby look! Hahaha but I remember the first time I accessed it was in 2018.

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Well Sant

What do you like most about Testosterone?

What I like most about space is: WHERE DO YOU GET SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? Seriously, I’m just shocked at how beautiful there are women on this blog!

Finally, the space is all yours. Leave a message for our readers.

First, thank you for the interview and the readers for reading this far. And ask that if you are interested, access my super hot content on Camera Prive! You will like it a lot! Follow me on the networks too! A big kiss for each one.

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