Bianca – anything goes between four walls!


Bianca is 22 years old, has been a model and content creator for 3 years. The gaúcha from Porto Alegre has a strong personality and tells us in more detail about how she started creating content. The brunette also says that one of her favorite positions during sex is on all fours and that she has already fulfilled one of her erotic fantasies in bed.


The cat did a sensual shoot for our partners at Guapa Magazine Brasil and we separated some photos and excerpts from the interview. Check here!

Instagram: @biahh01_


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Bianca, How long have you been working with content creation? Tell me a little about your story, when did you decide to create content and why?

It’s been 3 years since I decided to dedicate myself 100% to creating content, but I’m also a model. I decided to start creating content when many followers and even photographers started to encourage me. They said I had a knack for it because my shoots were quite sensual and many followers also asked if I sold pictures. So I started and when I realized I was already creating content. Then I saw that it really was a nice way to earn money and people really liked it, there was a lot of demand.

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When you have some free time, what do you like to do?

I rarely take time off, but when I do it’s on the weekends and even then I always have my cell phone in my hand to answer any client who comes to call me. I care a lot about my customers. But when I take a break I try to watch a movie, travel and I love being at the beach too.

How would you define yourself?

I think I’m very determined, when I want something I go after it, I go after my goals. But I’m also jealous and a little bit angry, I’m a Scorpio, a fire sign, so you can already have an idea of ​​how I am lol.

Biancae how do you keep that body?

Until the end of last year I did absolutely nothing, I was completely sedentary, but then I decided to do some modeling massages and I noticed a lot of difference. I ended the year feeling like a different person and this year the goal is to focus on the gym, diet, continue doing massages to keep the body in the best possible way, both for health and aesthetics.

How many sensual rehearsals have you done to date?

Wow, definitely more than 20! I’ve lost count because there were so many.


Bia tells me a little about her experience posing nude for Guapa Magazine Brasil.

I always wanted to photograph for Guapa and when the opportunity arose it was wonderful. I loved it from start to finish! Shooting with photographer André Michels was wonderful, he is super attentive, he does the poses to show you, if you don’t know he explains, he shows you your best angles, he is a sensational professional and that I recommend with my eyes closed! Having photographed for Guapa gave me many opportunities, brought me recognition and I am very grateful for this experience.

And tell me about the video experience, have you ever done a sexy nude video before?

I had already made a lighter video on the beach, but in the style of Guapa, sensual and naked I had never done it. It was the first one I did and I was impressed, it was really cool! I thought I was going to crash or that I wasn’t going to make it, but it was super peaceful and natural. It was flowing and when we saw it we had already created a wonderful video. And when he sent me the finished video and I saw the result, wow, I couldn’t believe it and I was drooling, because it was so perfect!

Bia has part 1, part 2 and part 3. And will there be part 4?

In what depends on me, part 4 will happen, yes, for sure! And it’s going to be even bolder than it was in the other parts, that I promise!

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Would you like to do a double rehearsal too?

I’d be super into it, even more so if it’s with someone who’s already had the experience of having a sensual shoot and who likes it too. I think it would be really cool!

Bianca, how to spice up a good night for two?

There are several ways, there is both provocation and some erotic objects that can spice up the relationship. I really like wearing handcuffs, wearing a costume and some lingerie… I think all of that helps and makes the climate warmer.


Do you think you can roll everything on a first date?

Yup. I think that if the two people had a nice exchange of energy and a nice conversation and the two are wanting to start having sex, there’s no reason not to happen what has to happen, you know. I think it’s worth having sex, energy exchange, anything goes!

What’s your favorite position at H-hour? Is there anything you’d like to try?

I think I’ve already tried them all “hehe”, but the position on all fours is the best position for me at least, on all fours or on my stomach.


Do you have any erotic fantasies that you’ve fulfilled?

One I had was handcuffing the guy to the bed and doing whatever I wanted to him. That was the fantasy, so in my everything you can already imagine what it was, and I managed to do it!

Would you like a threesome?

Hmm yes, two women and a man.

What is Bianca’s fetish?

I have a fetish for male ass, LOVE IT!

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