Blink – An Australian sweetness

Don’t confuse Blink with the band, this is our charming Suicide Girls. A camgirl who owns miraculous trials. The muse is also not far behind when it comes to piercings and tattoos, a work of art to be admired.



Blink is originally from Melbourne, Australia. Don’t get used to her hair, because Blink changes colors like a chameleon, alternating in tones that tend to always highlight her different tune in the stages of life.


By the way, the Australian started working as an alternative model in 2017 and soon after managed to become a Suicide Girl. However, the first essay appeared in 2018, as she got the hang of it, she never stopped doing photoshoots, today there are practically 10 fantastic essays.


The muse is a person who loves cats and can’t do without a good science fiction movie. For Blink, the best way to enjoy your free time is with a party followed by a special dinner, but if you have a concert with your band, you can expect that it will definitely be present.


Her Instagram profile has 550,000 followers, Blink loves to share some photos of her everyday life, especially recordings of her rehearsals, they are beautiful and exuberant photos that wisely highlight all the grace of this Australian who knows how to breathe class and sensuality in an original way.

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We separated some photos from his last essay entitled Strawberry Spring for our readers to be enchanted by the beauty coming from Oceania.

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