Brothel Literature – The pleasure of reading

Xplastic decided to combine literature and porn and as a result presented us with the Bordel Literature project. And in this project we can see scenes made from excerpts from some of the great classics of literature.

The Pleasure of Literature

To make the scenes, Xplastic brought Emme White and the author of erotic books, Nalini Narayan, where they act with great sensuality. And with that it is proven that regardless of the work it is possible to find scenes of eroticism that will make your imagination travel.

Brothel Literature Emme White Nalini Narayan
Brothel Literature – The pleasure of reading 2

Brothel Literature: The Cortiço

O Cortiço, written by Aluísio Azevedo, tells the story of the social ascension of the Portuguese João Romão, who owns a sale, a quarry and a tenement. The book also tells the stories of the residents of the tenement.
In this Brothel Literature we will see two scenes, in the first we see a night of love lived by the characters Miranda, Portuguese who lives next to the tenement, and his wife Estela. Then we see a sex scene between Léonie, the prostitute, and Pombinha, the maiden.

Brothel Literature: Sappho’s Poetry

This book brings together some poems by the famous Greek poet Sappho from the Island of Lesbos. Unfortunately, many poems were lost over time, with some fragments of her works surviving. And here in this video we follow the recitation of the poems A Mulher Amada and O Amor, while we enjoy a very exciting scene of Emme with Nalini.

Brothel Literature: The Venus of Furs

This is the best known book by the Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. This book stars Wanda, a young widow, and Severin, a young nobleman, who live a love story based on Wanda’s dominance over Severin. In this Brothel Literature we will see the enactment of this relationship of love and masochism where Emme White plays the masochist Severin and Nalini Narayan the domineering Wanda.

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