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Amateur porn allowed many people who love sex to share their experiences and adventures, in the past the genre itself seemed to be something precarious, today, on the contrary, quality has reached such high levels of production that it fights hard with the big studios, this new approach it allows new faces the opportunity to gain due notoriety, like the exuberant Bruna Black.


Bruna Black

Bruna Black


Bruna is undoubtedly a black beauty, originally from Bahia, the 20-year-old muse is clearly a goddess on Earth when it comes to naughty, responsible for starring in the best scenes for the Xvideos platform.

Undeniably the videos produced by the baiana are part of her adventures as an escort, Bruna thought about recording her calls to attract a new audience in mid-2019, what she did not imagine was that she would become one of the most consecrated and desired porn actresses in recent years in the new brazilian porn.

Bruna Black


Bruna’s big secret lies in her natural body filled with wonders, sculpted with curves that define sensations and attractions in human nature, it doesn’t stop there, it seems that her body still possesses a force from another world that emanates a burning ember that it doesn’t go off so easily.


By the way, Bruna Black’s content is stripped and horny, the Bahian woman knows how to convey reality in a concise and provocative way, fetishes or fantasies, many of her videos dominate the interest of those who are looking for something different and out of the ordinary, certainly not you will forget so facially the sensuality and horny that this woman is capable of exerting.

Most viewed video on Xvideos

The most viewed videos of Bruna Black on Xvideos has 6 million views, the muse performs a sex scene in the kitchen in the best amateur style, full of naturalness and desire.

Success on Xvideos

Bruna Black


For you to see the size of the sensation, Bruna Black is one of the 16 most sought after actresses on Xvideos, this not only in Brazil but around the world, there are 115 million views per month, tell me if this muse is not a true sensation .

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Bruna Black Porno


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