Bruna Jaeger – She will knock you out!

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Super daring, Bruna Jaeger actually knows exactly what she wants: Confident, authentic and owner of her own style, the Muay Thai fitness muse is successful on the internet with her tattooed body, green eyes and voluptuous curves.

For her, anything goes between four walls: she’s already dated women, participated in threesomes with a friend (and still needs to fulfill some fantasies).

Bruna did a sensual shoot for our partners at Bella da Semana and we certainly separated the best excerpts from the interview, and some photos of this woman, check it out:

Bruna Jaeger

Bruna Jaeger

Firstly, the what do you like to do on your day off?

I love cinema, I really like going to parks, squares, somewhere outdoors, drinking my good mate, riding a bike, I make the most of the day, the sun, I get energized by good things.

What drives you crazy at H-time?

I like foreplay, kissing, touching. For me, the main thing is the kiss, if it’s not good, I’m leaving 😋.

What’s your favorite music style?

Bruna Jaeger: Rock! I like heavy metal. I think the tattoos speak for themselves, right? But I’m very eclectic, I listen to a little bit of everything.

What does it take to conquer you?

Mostly style. Because what calls my attention is the way in which the person dresses, then personality. I like different people, who have something different from others, and who are a little crazy, like me. Besides, you have to treat her like a princess, I like pampering, cuddles, I’m very romantic.

What’s the first thing you notice in a man?

Style! I like a very specific style, if you have a tattoo then… you get points.

Have you ever been with a woman?

I’ve already been…

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever made love?

Kind of cliché, but it was on the beach. I didn’t do a lot of crazy things or I did it in a lot of different places…

Finally, twould you like a ménage? Or have you already? Tell us!

I got it. It was with a friend, so it was cool but if I feel like it again, why not?

With you, Bruna Jaeger naked

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