Bruna – The redhead that is a show!

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Name: Bruna
Age: 31
Instagram: @bru.sgh
Twitter: @bruhsgh1
Onlyfans: @bruh.sgh
Privacy: @bruhsgh


Bruna has been a Testosterone reader for over 10 years, however this is the first time this spectacular redhead appears here. The 31-year-old gaucho is a veterinarian and has been working as a sex worker for a few months. Come with us to get to know her better!


Bruna %E2%80%93 The redhead that is a show

Welcome to Testosterone. To begin with, I would like to ask you to introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet.

Thank you! Hi, I’m Bruna, I’m 31 years old, I live in Porto Alegre and I’ve been an adult content creator for just 4 months.

Bruna, how was 2021 for you so far?

Some unforeseen events happened, I think for everyone in this pandemic, right? I opened myself to new ideas and matured a lot in that short time.

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And how has the experience of working with adult content been?

I’m a veterinarian and around July I became unemployed, coincidentally at the same time I met a girl who is a camgirl and that aroused my curiosity. It was something I had thought about doing before, but never had the courage. I decided to give it a try, already in the first week with camming I decided that I would no longer look for a job but rather stay with it for a while, until the pandemic took control. I was surprised with the amount of money that this profession gives, if you dedicate yourself, I can say that I make a living from it. I already have plans for 2022 and I intend to jump right into being a content creator. My Onlyfans and privacy will get even better!

What motivated you to work with adult content?

I started to notice that several girls I followed on instagram were already in this field, and it is more and more natural to work with this, several girls advertise packs, onlyfans etc… I always received compliments about my body, especially my butt!. So why not take advantage of what nature has given me?


And it also changes your way of seeing the world, right? Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

Yea! This helped my self-esteem a lot, it makes me feel free to do what I want without worrying about the opinion of others. I come from a very conservative upbringing and it took me a long time to conquer all this maturity, it was with a lot of struggle, I am proud of the woman I have become. I consider myself an exhibitionist, I think it’s part of the personality of those who work with this.

How is your work routine? Bruna, do you have any programming to produce content?

I’m still adapting to this routine because it’s recent, I usually do cam shows in the morning and afternoon, and some weekends I stay overnight too. I try to produce content every day to keep my Onlyfans and Privacy always up to date, in addition to the personalized content they ask me for. I also do professional essays to keep my content more balanced.


And what does Bruna like to do in her spare time?

I love to watch a series, go out to eat, go to the gym, go to coffee shops, sing, travel, go to shows.

What type of content do you most enjoy producing?

I love taking photos and videos, sensual and explicit, especially thematic ones.

Are you also a consumer of adult content? How is your relationship with pornography?

I don’t consume. I watch it sometimes, but I’m not a big fan, porn is very much aimed at men’s pleasure and that doesn’t attract me.

What makes Bruna excited?

A spicy conversation, a whisper in the ear, running your hand over my body, feeling desired.


What’s the secret to winning you over?

My heart already has an owner, I believe my boyfriend won’t reveal it! Laughs! But if it’s to win me over as a customer, I’ll love a good conversation and education, I also love being spoiled with gifts and tips, I’m very happy when I earn more than expected as a form of appreciation, it makes me feel valued.

What platforms can our readers find your content on?

On Onlyfans and Privacy. But seeing off-platform content as well like custom videos/photos etc…

Has there ever been an invitation to participate in a porn production? Would you?

Never, I wouldn’t, it’s not my style, porn is scripted and I wouldn’t feel good, things can get a little out of control depending on the situation, I’d feel vulnerable.


Bruna, does any sex worker inspire or inspire you at some point?

Yes, some Suicide Girls like Riae, Doce Suicide and Jacqueline Faccio.

Did you already know Testosterone?

Yes, I have known the blog for about 10 years. I like the natural way that sex issues are treated. And the girls’ rehearsals for sure.

Finally, the space is all yours. Leave a message for our readers

First of all thank those who have read this far and who follow me on social media to keep up with my work, maybe I’ll instigate your curiosity and you’ll come subscribe or buy some content with me!


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