Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay!

As usual, Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, so we bring you the sensual test of another one of our Testosterone Girls wonders: Carol Carlos

Age: 29
Where was born: Sao Paulo
Where do you live: Sao Paulo
Instagram: @carol_carlos

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 21

Carol Charles

This is Carol Calos’s first time using Testosterone. She lives in São Paulo, is 29 years old and prepared a super special shoot for you. Check it out below.

What do you work with and for how long?

Carol Carlos: I’m a buyer in an industry and I’ve been doing it for over ten years.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 22

What does Carol Carlos like to do in her spare time?

Carol Carlos: I have a serious professional side, which I value a lot, but in my free time I am extremely hyperactive, I really like bars, dancing, seeing little pieces of São Paulo and traveling whenever I can.

Why did you decide to start working on your sensual side?

Carol Carlos: To challenge, I am inserted in extremely sexist environments, the industry I work in, bars, the very world of sensual photos, I started to challenge this whole repressive posture, not just talking about men, also about women, a body is just a body and it’s yours and you can do what you want with it.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 23

Have you ever suffered any prejudice for this? If yes, how do you handle it?

Carol Carlos: Always, people think it’s an unnecessary exhibition, the point is that for me it’s art, it’s my cry, it’s always a person’s problem, not mine, for her it’s something too much, so the person who deals with that, I don’t let it affect me but motivate.

Did you like the result of the photos for the Blog? Did it feel good?

Yes, it was the first time I worked with Rafa Beck, our rapport was incredible and it has already yielded other beautiful projects for us.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 24

Carol Carlos, how did you discover Testosterone?

Through other Suicide Girls models who posed for Testosterone Girls.

What do you like most about the blog?

Carol Carlos: The diversity of ideas and women.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 25

What’s the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in while shooting?

Carol Carlos: These days I did a job where we invaded an abandoned factory, the place was very dirty, and it was kind of collapsing, the result and the experience was wonderful.

What was the place where you most enjoyed photographing?

Carol Carlos: At the Copan (famous building in São Paulo) and on the subway, anything in public places excites me.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 26

Do you have any professional dreams?

Carol Carlos: To continue exercising my professional side, with the excellence I acquired, I love what I do, despite it seeming boring to some people, but today I know the personal and collective importance that the profession I chose has.

Who are your inspirations and references?

Carol Carlos: São Paulo inspires me a lot, this city and I are very similar, chaotic, beautiful in the details, not obvious, so usually the references and inspirations come from everyday situations, I am given to experiment, to have stories to tell.

Do you have any fetishes?

Carol Carlos: I’m very sexual, I don’t have anything extremely specific, I live according to situations and wishes, I think that my biggest fetish is to observe the pleasure of the other, for me making cum is better than cum.

How is your relationship with your fans/followers?

Carol Carlos: Today I have many followers who like the photos and often even find the courage to do a photoshoot and that makes me very happy, and men too, who are curious about my life, about how I deal with it, in general a good one relationship, we always have the clueless, but in this environment we have to be prepared to deal.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 27

What kind of messages do you receive most in your inbox?

Carol Carlos: In general, men making compliments, some rude that we already cut, most of them very calm, and many girls asking about how to start being part of this world.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of national rap and trap, 90’s rock, ska and Brazilian music, but I really like dancing so I go down to the floor with the funks of life too.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 28

What do you like to watch?

I’m crazy about Friends and The Big Bang Theory, but in general I love movies and shows that involve crime and murder.

Are you single?


If you could create your ideal love match, which 3 qualities would you choose?

Carol Carlos: There is no such thing as an ideal love partner, there is love for someone and that’s it, so I’m going to talk about three things that exclude someone as a potential partner, being prejudiced (encompassing all possible areas), possessiveness and lack of honesty.

Carol Charles
Carol Carlos in a fascinating sensual essay! 29

Meet photographer Rafael Beck

Name: Rafael Beck
Age: 44
Instagram: @2beck_

Since when do you photograph sensual shoots?

I’ve been working with sensual photos for over 10 years.

Is it your main job or hobby?

Photography is my main job, not exclusively sexy photos. And besides photography, I also work with video photography, especially in the area of ​​music.

Do you have any specific project?

Within sensual photography, I have an authorial project called The Guilty Book. He has his own instagram @theguiltybook

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in making sexy photos?

I believe that for me the connection with the model, in the case of sensual photos, is always the great challenge to be achieved, it ends up defining whether the shoot will be good, average or incredible.

How was taking the photos?

It was really good, after all I already knew Carol Carlos on instagram, I already followed her photos and the idea of ​​us photographing together came naturally in a very informal conversation, after she commented on one of the places where I photographed. From then on, it was harmony, she searched for the location and on the day we were connecting little by little. The work came out naturally, I loved the result.

What or who do you like to use as references for your work?

I use a lot of cinema and literature references for my photographic “stories”. But, if I were to choose names that drive me, they would be directors like David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar and Gaspar Noé. Aesthetics and narratives that always inspire me.

Did you already know Testosterone?

Yes, I did. I’ve already photographed tests for Testosterone, but even before that I was already following the publications.

With you, Carol Carlos Nua:

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