Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality

Name: Cherry B
Profession: Model
City: Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Instagram: @mel_cherryb
Twitter: @bombcherrybomb

Cherry B is a model and a phenomenon on Instagram, where she delights her nearly 300,000 followers. She had a chat with Testosterona to talk a little bit about her work and her day to day life.

Cherry B

Cherry B
Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality 12

To begin with, tell us about your day to day and work routine?

Cherry B: I wake up, take care of myself with a nice shower to start the day, have my coffee and start working on the site. I usually answer some inbox messages and then start my lives. I do the lives in periods morning, afternoon and night, always taking breaks. I also have my training routine during the day, when I take a break from work, I try to maintain that despite the pandemic. I like to watch a movie at the end of the day and have a glass of wine too.

Since when do you work with erotic content?

I started working exactly in January of this year, and it was the best thing I ever did. I always liked to tease, to be admired and that gave me the choice of where I am now.

Cherry B, what did you do before becoming a camgirl?

I previously worked as an event promoter, so I was a freelancer. Sometimes there was a good demand for work, but there were times when there was nothing, so the reserve would go away and it would always break even.

How did the idea of ​​working with erotic content come about?

Cherry B: It had already crossed my mind to work as a camgirl, but I never knew how or where to start, that’s when I reached the limit of the feeling of working a lot and not being able to save money or enjoy the life I wanted.

I started researching how I could work as a camgirl, and I found a video of a Brazilian model, where she talked about the site I work on today. I found it very interesting, because I would only need my cell phone, a place with privacy and my body. Then I made my account and today I’m here.

Was it difficult at first?

Cherry B: It was difficult because even having an idea, I read testimonials, watched videos and such, but putting yourself in the situation is very different, a new world. However, as you do, you learn, like everything else in life.

Cherry B
Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality 13

Did the people close to you support you?

I have support from my family and my partner, otherwise it would have been very difficult. I was going through a depression, and he always supported me. But I needed something that would make me independent and work provided me with that. I am grateful for the support and for sharing this personal and professional growth. At first, one of the things that worried me was possible prejudice and exposure. As I had the support of my family and partner, this stopped worrying me. Meeting other models, following their work and understanding that we sexworkers are like any other worker. We are mothers, daughters, friends and human beings, so I have nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of.

What has changed in Cherry B’s life since then?

Look, everything has changed. Financial independence starting, now I can do a lot of things that I couldn’t do before and also invest a little in the future. Today I can also contribute with donations to some campaigns, something I wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t.
Another thing that changed was the way I saw my body. Today I have a more feminine view. I like the body with more curves and not so athletic. My profile was competition-type fitness, today I no longer want that body so much. I will continue to train because I like a firm body and the training itself, but nothing exaggerated for me.

Cherry B, do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

In a way, yes, I don’t like to be a stuck-up person or think I’m too much, but I confess that I like to be seen and show my body. It was something I worked hard to build. I really like the feeling of giving pleasure to someone and being admired.

Cherry B
Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality 14

How is the relationship with your followers?

Cherry B: My followers are mostly very affectionate and like to spoil me. I like to maintain this caring relationship by being friendly and affectionate too, because I would like to be treated like that, so I can’t act differently.

Do you believe that there is still a lot of prejudice against those who work with erotic content?

Yes, there is, in Brazil the thing is still not well regarded, as incredible as it may seem. Brazil is so sexually open, but when it becomes a job, you think it’s limitless. I just do the work with the camera and with myself. I don’t do a program, I have nothing against it, but there are people who think that because they’re paying they can have and say whatever they want and that’s not quite the case. They also think that sex workers are marginal, outlaws and live a pretty crazy life, a big mistake. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a mother, a daughter, I have a normal life and that’s just a part of me, it doesn’t define me.

Cherry B
Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality 15

We have opened this space for our readers and people in general to see this work as something normal and leave judgments aside. What would you say to people who see sex workers’ work with prejudice?

Cherry B: The prejudiced lack enlightenment and empathy. This concept of those who work with sex has to be matured, which is just another job. You have sex, I do, pretty much everyone else does, so it’s human and natural. Open your mind and be freer to be happy and at peace with your dogmas. If you don’t like it, just ignore it, but don’t militate against something you don’t know.

Cherry B, have you ever received an unusual request?

Ah, I receive several very unusual requests, such as humiliation, pretending to be the mother and among other very curious ones. Fetish is a universe that we cannot imagine how diverse it can be.

What will people find in your living room and in your lives?

Cherry B: You’ll usually find me with something very provocative or some cosplay that I like to produce. I’ve done Lara Croft, Elf, kitten and so on, even the most clichés like high school. Of course, if you give me a good gift, I can play with my “toys”… my dances will be there too, for sure, which the gringos always ask for “twerk” LOL!

Cherry B, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to watch some series or movie. I like to play with my cat, I’m passionate about felines. I love the beach but today I live a little far from it, but if you let me I spend hours in the sun. I love to travel or visit new places or parks too, generally outdoor activities.

What platforms have you been using to make the lives and make your content available?

Cherry B: I’ve only been using to do live streams and make my content available without censorship. I try to focus only on him. Seeing some direct content on Instagram too.

Do you do any planning to create your content?

I usually don’t do planning, I wake up and put together what I’m going to do that day but it’s kind of intuitive. It flows with the day.

What type of content do you most enjoy producing?

Cherry B: I like content with fantasy and cosplay and artistic makeup, I like to create and do things that are out of the ordinary sometimes. You don’t always have freedom from that, but whenever you can, I do.

Is there any sex worker that serves as inspiration or reference for you?

Yes, Viking Barbie. I think that in addition to having a beautiful body, she is funny and has a very natural sensuality that is sure to win. I get a lot of inspiration from her.

What song can’t be missing from a Cherry B sex playlist?

In my can’t miss Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys.

What makes you excited?

The other’s excitement, I think there’s nothing more exciting than that. That longing in your eyes, the shivers on your skin when you touch. This is proof that you are the incarnate desire for that person at the moment. The feeling is almost divine!

Cherry B
Cherry B, skin-deep sensuality 16

Cherry B, did you already know Testosterone?

Cherry B: I loved the opportunity to talk a little bit about myself with you and the readers and followers of the Testosterona blog. Grateful for that 🙂

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