Cinthia Santos – The cyber cat!

Cinthia Santos was a nationally and internationally recognized porn actress for her hardcore performances, which she enjoyed very much. Big breasts and a typically Brazilian ass made her the most sought-after malandrinha by fans, after Vivi Fernandez, today this Jurassic being who writes to you will talk a little about her trajectory.


Cinthia Santos

Cinthia Santos
Cinthia Santos – The cyber cat! 10


Born on April 16, 1983, Cinthia Santos lived in Dubai, where she was married and had a son. She returned to Brazil divorced and decided to enter porn for financial reasons, as she raised her son alone, but stayed in the industry for pleasure. As she herself has already said in interviews, there were few men who knew how to satisfy her completely and as she liked sex a lot it was a way of combining the useful with the pleasant.


Shortly before starting her career as a porn actress, Cinthia Santos was the “cyber babe” of Playboy magazine. She also participated in DreamCam, an erotic site where women are naked in a house, confined, an erotic reality show with interaction with Internet users through two daily chats.

In addition to recording for national production companies, such as Brasileirinhas, Explicita and Platinum Plus, Cinthia Santos has also participated in films for major American production companies, such as Elegant Angel, Wicked Pictures and for the websites Mike in Brazil and Saturday Night Latinas, from the production company Reality Kings.


Cinthia Santos nthe media

Cinthia Santos participated in the CQC program, on Bandeirantes, which carried out a report at a party at the Brasileirinhas production company in which she participated, being interviewed by one of the program’s reporters. On another occasion she participated in the program Altas Horas, talking about her performances in porn films, where she stated that she had no problems or restrictions to record porn because she likes to do everything during the scenes.

Cinthia Santos
Porn actress Cinthia Santos comments on the life of a porn actress in the Altas Horas program

Awards and Nominations

Erotic Video Awards – 2009

– Best Free Scene (alongside Milena Santos and Big Macky) – Anal Party (winner)
– Breakthrough Actress (winner)
– Best Oral Sex Scene – Anal Party (nominated)
– Best Anal Sex Scene (opposite Pit Garcia) – Anal Party (nominated)

Porn Actress Cinthia Santos
Cinthia Santos – The cyber cat! 15

Go Go Pornoville Awards – 2009

– Best National Porn Actress (nominated)
– National Breakthrough Actress (nominated)


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