Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success!

Name: Cleo Baby
Age: 27 years
City: Sao Paulo
Twitter: @cleobaby4 / @cleobabyD4
Instagram: @cleobaby_oficial


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Testosterona has made a series of new posts and interviews with sexworkers, women who work as porn actresses, camgirls, escorts and other professions that are somehow linked to eroticism and pornography.

We had a chat with the companion Cleo Baby, and below you can find out a little more about this wonderful brunette.

Cleo Baby

Cleo Baby
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 11

How long have you been working as an escort and why did you decide to enter this field?

Approximately 3 years already, wow, it goes by fast!

What is your day to day and work routine like?

Cleo Baby: I usually wake up early, around 6 or 7 am. As if I were going to “beat my point” at some company. I have my coffee and head to my “office” at home, an area I’ve set aside that really does look like an administrative room, with a financial and weekly planning board. I am well organized, and I like to exercise that.

I prepare my posts for my media, because 80% of my schedule I manage through my own marketing. Among them are Twitter, Instagram and escort sites. Then I go to WhatsApp where I clear the doubts, who approached me and was waiting for my return there. I usually book as early as possible, but it doesn’t always turn out the way I really like it and sometimes I end up booking someone on the same day.

If I have an appointment, I dedicate myself hours beforehand to get ready completely focused on the person I’m going to meet.
From the hair, the panties, the most discreet clothes or a surprise toy…etc. I think I’m one of the few escorts who don’t have a flat in São Paulo.

Cleo Baby

And how is your life outside of work?

Cleo Baby: The girl behind whom I introduce myself on social media is more shy, I avoid social media. I really like outdoor exercise. I’m very much a housewife, I’m engaged in volunteer work in specific two, an NGO for animals and another for the elderly.

I study on Saturdays, last year I was attending college and I quit. I’m reserved and very family, despite the distance I have with mine who lives in RJ.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really like staying at home, drinking wine and watching series, music. I’m very homely. And in this period of quarantine, it wasn’t so difficult.

Cleo Baby escorts
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 12

Cleo Baby, what changed in your life after you became an escort?

I matured a lot, financially it is something very attractive. No doubt you change our life from water to wine. Therefore, I say that it all depends on how it is managed.

I came to São Paulo with a backpack of a few clothes from a thrift store and 700.00 reais, I rented a hotel in Largo do Arouche to sleep and started working doing an advertisement on a website. On the second day, going to make appointments in hotels and motels, I had doubled the amount I had in my pocket.

Since then, I never had to live in favor of anyone’s house or worry about whether I had money to buy something decent to wear.
You make a lot of money, and you lose it just as quickly.
You need to be well resolved, and have both mental and spiritual balance to stay focused without being too dazzled by both money and the people you exchange energy with.

Did you imagine all this would happen?

Cleo Baby: I never imagined being a luxury escort in São Paulo. I became known, more so on Twitter after I started publishing erotic stories, reporting some encounters. I started with financial needs, and over time I discovered myself sexually in the profession.

I got to know my body better, how I like to be touched, how I like to be treated, how I should take care of myself inside and out. I learned to love myself more, respect myself more as a woman, and when I say “respect myself more” it doesn’t mean anything with the profession I chose to act… among other things.

Cleo Baby escort
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 13

Cleo Baby, do you deal with a lot of prejudice for working as a call girl?

In my case, prejudice came first from myself and I think it was the biggest challenge to become who I am today. In the profession there are few, but I have already passed. I don’t absorb that kind of thing and I understand that it’s part of it.

What’s the coolest thing that happened after you became Cleo Baby?

I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I think it was finally having a wardrobe, lol! Today I have my apartment, two cats and a closet. Before I kept my clothes in a cardboard box.

I paid rent and worked 12 hour days, and believe me… I had one day off a month. I think that’s why I like to stay at home so much, and I don’t use my apartment to make appointments. I have always opted to work in hotels, motels and residences with 24-hour concierge.

Cleo Baby
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 14

And have you ever been in trouble?

Cleo Baby: Yeah, I think every girl does. Especially when we are new to the business. I suffered the famous scam of the empty envelope, with a false receipt.
The customer makes an appointment and does not show up, simply disappears, wasting my time and money. Nowadays, with more experience I can filter better and not suffer so much from these blows or problems.

And what’s the weirdest thing a customer has ever asked you to do?

Cleo Baby: I have a lot of stories, funny and weird. But summarizing here, I always make it clear that I don’t like fetishism very much and with that it helps to filter a lot who comes to me. I remember once, a guy asked me to sit next to him on the bed. Even clothes.
He just wanted me to scream like a porn star on TV while he touched himself. I came out hoarse that day, I screamed “Oh my ass!” with nothing actually happening. I wanted to laugh right away, but I would never be disrespectful and it wasn’t disrespectful of the customer at all, just funny and weird in fact.

Cleo Baby escort
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 15

Have you come to view men’s sexual fantasies differently?

Cleo Baby: Fantasizing feeds our desire and sex increases our lust. After all, we all have fantasies. There are men with simple fantasies: woman in a dress without panties, specific lingerie, ménage. I even like some!

What did you learn about men after becoming an escort?

They are the vast majority very needy, romantic and some do great telling lies at home or even thinking it will impress me on the date. Many men just want attention, to be heard and the simple pursuit of desire and pleasure in bed, with a girl who is younger or different from the reality he lives.

1672600533 80 Cleo Baby beauty intelligence and success
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 16

Cleo Baby, are you able to have a “normal” life after you entered this business?

In a way yes, but I confess that having a loving relationship is something more difficult in the profession, even because of the fear and prejudice that surrounds the mind of the man who is involved there. He is not always psychologically prepared to engage in a romance and know how to separate my profession.

Are your customers just men?

Cleo Baby: No. I never go out with a woman alone, but I do get “wives” of clients and friends from the business in threesomes.

1672600537 529 Cleo Baby beauty intelligence and success
Cleo Baby, beauty, intelligence and success! 17

What are your customers looking for? Just sex or do you talk too?

Most of the time, they seek to get out of the stressful routine they live in, at work or at home. They seek to feel younger and free sometimes. And a date is not always about sex.

A girl with something to add beyond the sexual act, is a person that really that man will be willing to pay to be together, as many times as they both want. Many of my good clients invite me to beautiful, elegant places like Palácio Tangará, Hotel Unique, Lush Motel to have a glass of wine and then enjoy the hotel.
That gentle and cordial atmosphere of the date always leads to good chemistry in bed afterwards.

Which gives them the right to have me, the girlfriend or the wanton he wants to have at that meeting, at that specific moment. Then, in the end, each one goes on with their lives, they return to real life with their wife, children, work or college. And I with my description and collecting one more certainty of a good meeting.

What is the profile of men looking for Cleo Baby?

Most committed. Older and financially well-resolved men already.

Did you already know Testosterone?

Cleo Baby: Yes, I know it well before becoming an escort, lol! I love the blog. I’m suspicious to say that I love space, for erotic stories. I know that most of the content is aimed at a male audience, but I find it interesting to mix it with curiosities, about music, movies and series as well.

Where can people contact you?

Cleo Baby: I have a platform that already contains a whole presentation of social media that I have. On this same platform I present my WhatsApp, my blog where I post my erotic stories and sell explicit video and photo content. I’ll leave the link here, so you can look at it calmly and maybe we’ll set up a possible meeting!

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