Cristina – Philosophy resides in her sweet body

Cristina 20
  • Name: Cristina
  • Age: 26 years
  • City: Minas Gerais
  • Twitter: @cristina_prive
  • See her on Camera Prive


Cristina – Philosophy resides in her sweet body 14

Camgirl Cristina displays her curves in an artistic way, the muse is photogenic and a lover of plants. Art and philosophy meet in a perfect balance of her look and smile. In your living room you will find sensorial adventures that you will never forget.

We had a super relaxed chat with her, where Cristina had the opportunity to talk a little about her life as a camgirl, the future and her lovely hobbies.


Since when do you work as a camgirl, and what motivated you to get into this field?

In October 2017 I came across the Camera Prive website, as I really needed financial help. My motivation was necessity, as I didn’t know anything about it. I used to work as a civil engineer, I had recently graduated.

Cristina Prive , what do you like most about your camgirl job? Is there anything you don’t like?

What I like most is the passion for what I do and who I present in this environment. The work motivated me as an artist and a woman, in it I am myself and I show more of myself every day. Honestly, I built my respect in this environment, I deal with the displeasures at the moment. I’m sincere in how I feel about the other, that makes work lighter and more enjoyable.

Cristina – Philosophy resides in her sweet body 15

What will people find in your living room?


Cristina Prive, what’s the most unusual request you’ve ever received working as a camgirl?

Ah, the most unusual thing was making faces for at least an hour hahahahah. Man, I had a pain in my face muscles ahahahhahaha.

Has working as a camgirl made you see men’s fetishes in a different light?

Fetishes in themselves, because the meaning of pleasure and the meaning it has for the other is understood. The imaginary goes beyond physical borders, it is fascinating to understand the other in such an abstract and felt way.

Cristina Prive, are you inspired or looking for references in the work of other sex workers? Any favourites?

I like vintage pornography a lot… I loooove the Playboys of the last century, chanchada porn is something I watch a lot too, I think it’s a beautiful piece of work. I don’t know the names of many, but currently there is a woman that I have deep admiration who is Emme White, she represents us as a camgirl with so much class and affection, she is a woman who overflows with empowerment and strength, a woman of very beautiful work!

Do you have any favorite playlists or songs to listen to while you’re doing a webcam show?

Aaaah, I love the blues!!!

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Cristina Prive, what is the biggest challenge of working as a sex worker nowadays?

See yourself as a woman and face society. The truth is that it’s not easy, you need to build yourself up and have strength. The medium itself is very supportive and close-knit.

What type of content do you most enjoy producing?

Whatever comes to mind ahahhahaha. but I love JOI! Everything involving audio and dance.

Cristina Prive, are you on other platforms like OnlyFans, Pornhub, Xvideos?

No, only Prive Camera.

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We talk a lot about pornography in Testosterone. How is your relationship with porn? You like? Watch?

I Love! I don’t watch much these days, but I think porn video being well curated is also healthy. Stimuli are hot, why not feel them?! There are many producers of safe and high quality content, watching them is also supporting the work of others.

Cristina Prive, If you were invited to participate in a porn production, would you accept it?

Depending on yes, I need to know the history of the producer.

Now talking about sex, what turns you on?

To be touched. I love that they touch my body completely and I do the same.

And what attracts you most in a person? Both physically and intellectually

Good mood for sure!!! The person needs to be funny and that’s it hahahahah, a funny person is beautiful in every way and most of the time has a sensitive and open mind. Being funny is a very high level of intellectuality!!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a plant collector and I practice contact juggling. I’m quiet in itself, I love going out with my dogs. I’ve been taking music production classes, I really like music!!! Y ‘ all have no idea!!!

How long have you known Testosterone, what do you like most about the site?

Ahahhahaha, I was a teenager and I already knew.

Thank you so much for participating in Testosterone. The space is all yours, leave a message for our readers

Seek knowledge.– ET Bilu.

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