Danilo Gentili’s lawyers in hot video!

The lawyers who participated in the Flow podcast with Danilo Gentili became known nationally for playing a key role at that time within Flow.


The repercussions came to light and California TV would not let this opportunity pass and decided to hire them to solve a big internal problem.

Lawyers, who are they?

Lawyers – Meet Cris Galêra and Vanessa Nozaki

Lawyers Cris and Vanessa are known for their charisma and joy transmitted daily on their respective instagrams. Residents of São Paulo capital, they made an impeccable participation in the Flow Podcast program together with the Presenter Danilo Gentili, where they played the role of Advocates of the presenter, a very controversial program that generated thousands of views in all social networks.


Naked Lawyers

naked lawyers

We took the opportunity and had a quick chat with the lawyers. At the end of the post, there’s a porn video as a gift for you. Check below:

Vanessa and Cris, what did you guys do in the new collection?

My loves, Vanessinha and I got up to soooo much, we did a lot of bitching inside the studio, we masturbated, we kissed the presenter Japa and things that you will only know about on the California Tv website. Thinking of you, we have prepared content that will be released weekly for all subscribers.

Define in 3 words what it was like to make the content

Unforgettable, intense and erotic!

How was the experience of record with the California TV team

It was a milestone in our life as lawyers, they were unforgettable days that were forever marked in our memory. In addition to all the wonderful staff who welcomed us and took care that everything came out in the best way. Gratitude for everything we’ve experienced and that this is going to be the best collection of california tv ever. [Veja mais aqui]


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