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Daria Shuer Nude Fitness Girl From Moskow (82 Photos)

Young Daria Pluzhnikova best known as Daria Shuer is a Russian athlete, the owner of steel muscles and a strong relief body. She was born in Moscow and now she is only 22 years old! It’s hard to believe that at this age a girl can have such a developed musculature. Thanks to her physical shape with wide shoulders and hips, but a narrow waist, she has excellent proportions and looks sexy, especially when Daria Shuer poses nude for a selfie.

Daria Pluzhnikova Bio On TheFappening Pro

Pluzhnikova was born in Moscow in 2001 in a poor family. Her parents were divorced and Daria’s upbringing was handled by her mother alone. Daria does not hide from fans that she was a “kid” in her teens, she was confident in the company of her peers, in some places she was audacious and physically not inferior to the guys. Her mother could not cope with the upbringing of her daughter, and her father did not live in the family. The natural result is bad companies and abuse of alcohol and possibly drugs. Daria lost up to 46 kilograms — she was diagnosed with anorexia. A chance acquaintance saved the girl. Pluzhnikova’s life was changed by a young man named Ivan.

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Daria Shuer Nude Fitness Girl From Moskow 82 Photos

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The black-haired skinny girl liked Ivan very much, but the guy was very worried about her lifestyle. He had to take her to the gym and begin a slow habituation to healthy lifestyle. The girl gradually got involved, began to train and said goodbye to bad habits. Ivan became her personal trainer — under his guidance, she gained 26 kg of muscle in 3 years and completely got rid of addictions. Then Pluzhnikova was trained and mastered the profession of a fitness instructor herself. Ivan helped with the work again — after a while he opened his own gym, where he employed Daria. Now the girl is in excellent competitive shape and takes prizes at local tournaments — championships of the Moscow region and Moscow city.

Daria admits that she is not afraid of becoming too muscular and does not depend on the numbers on the scales. The main thing for her is to like herself and her chosen one. The girl advises her clients to reason the same way. Weight is far from the main criterion of the level of athletic training and, moreover, beauty.

Pluzhnikova does not hide that she has a positive attitude to the body positive. The ability and desire to accept oneself is valuable and important. However, according to her, this does not apply to fullness — only to the fact that we are unable to change, for example, freckles, scars, skin tone, nose shape. It is possible and necessary to fight with excess weight. A body positive cannot justify laziness and weak willpower, this young fitness fan is convinced.

Daria Shuer Nude

The high level of hormones in Daria’s blood, as well as the huge attention from men provokes a girl every day! Of course, she can’t resist showing off her naked body. below you will see photos of Daria Pluzhnikova naked at studio photo shoots. And Daria Shuer nude’s much more interesting leaked content – she sent these photos to her fan, but they were leaked!

Daria Shuer’s Big Ass

Look at Daria Shuer’s big and muscular ass – Brazilian women from the Boom Boom carnival can envy her! Shuer is proud of her buttocks and takes lots of photos showing off her juicy ass. Selfies without pants or in tight leggings, sometimes Daria even takes photos without panties, but poses so that her muscles cover her pussy and ass hole.

Daria Pluzhnikova Bare Feet

Do not forget that Daria Pluzhnikova is still a very young girl and despite her muscularity, she can still boast of her sexy bare feet. The athletic beauty knows that her bare feet attract the attention of fans and often poses barefoot and posts photos in short skirts with high heels

Daria Shuer Topless Selfie

Of course Daria Shuer loves to take selfies! After all, it is in order to show herself that she works so hard in the gym! Selfies in the toilet, in the gym, on the street or private topless selfies in bed – choose to your taste Pluzhnikova has hot photos for every taste!

Daria Shuer Sexy

Of course, not everyone likes girls like Daria Pluzhnikova. Big athletic, with huge painted eyebrows, as well as huge hips, ass and tits. But for connoisseurs of fitness girls, she is certainly a tasty morsel and they love Daria Shuer sexy pictures. In addition, Daria has a great style and knows how to look sexy in any clothes. Her photos in tight tiny dresses without lingerie are gorgeous!

Daria Pluzhnikova Today

Daria’s active advertising campaign is underway now. Her photos and videos are published in all sports forums, groups and chats. She has more than a quarter of a million Instagram followers and their number is growing rapidly every day. Definitely this girl in the future expects popularity in the field of fitness and sports nutrition. Perhaps she, like many other athletes, will also begin to make a career in the adult industry. We will find out all this in the near future.


Exclusive Interview With Daria Shuer

Tell me about yourself, how did it all start?

— Since my family is not complete, without a father, then during my school years I had permissiveness. I was a “kid.” I’ve never been inferior to guys in physical education.
After school, I followed a dubious path… endless parties, alcohol, smoking and, sometimes, even more “heavy artillery”. As a result, I became thin, as if I had anorexia, which caused weight loss up to 46 kg!

Such a life lasted about a year, and at the age of 16 I met Ivan.

When he saw what my life was like, he decided that he had to help me change and follow the path of healthy lifestyle and sports training. I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude!

I was already exhausted as much as possible, both mentally and physically. But life began to change for the better. My man always liked sporty girls and, accordingly, he had the most negative attitude towards such girls as I was then. But fate decreed otherwise, and he fell in love with me, despite all the obstacles. He brought me to the gym in October 2018 and became my coach.


How did you become such a sporty girl?

— My nutrition and training were always under Ivan’s control. He put a lot of effort into making me the way I am now.

I quit smoking, drinking and all other bad habits, started eating according to a schedule, followed a strict regime.

Later, he sent me to a coaching course, and after training, I myself began working as a fitness instructor. In all fitness clubs I worked independently, without anyone’s support, without him. Then Ivan opened his fitness bar and a sports pit store, and I moved there to work with him.

As a result, we decided to prepare for my first competition. In the spring of this year, my first starts were at the Championships of the Moscow region and Moscow. I managed to take 4th place. Vanya was so sick for me that he even cried with happiness and pride.

Then Vladimir Yakovlev became my coach. Today Ivan and I hope that we have a great future ahead of us in the world of sports!


Weren’t you afraid of becoming a girl with over-developed muscles?

— By nature, I am quite a strong and big girl. At first I was very afraid to “pump up”, I thought to stop at 55 kg, but I began to like how I look when I gain muscle mass! Today, the number on the scales is not the main thing, the main thing for me is that I like myself and my man.

In about 3 years of training, I gained 29 kg of weight! From 46 kg to 75. 75 kg is the maximum weight, at competitions the weight becomes less.


What weights do you use in training?

– My working weight in squats is 110 kg for 10 times. Deadlift 95 kg for 5 repetitions. Bench press — 65 kg for 1 time (taking into account that I have never done bench press, for the first time we decided to check how much I will shake). The leg press is 240 kg, this is the working weight for 10 repetitions.

Even on the mass set, I can’t say that I have a high percentage of fat — about 16%. On the biceps I lift 30 kg for 4 repetitions.
A well-chosen nutrition and training plan will never allow you to gain weight with the wrong thing.


How do you feel about body positivity?

— I am quite positive about the body positivity. Bodypositive is accepting yourself with what you cannot change (for example: scars, lack of limbs, birthmarks, etc.)
Now for some reason they have decided that bodypositive justifies fat, and this is extremely wrong. There is no excuse for laziness, weak character and lack of willpower.
I don’t care what anyone looks like. If a girl with a weight of 100 kg writes that she is for a body positive and loves herself the way she is, then this is a pure lie. She dreams of looking well-groomed, with a toned figure. She just can’t work on herself, unfortunately.

Perhaps that’s why there is such a big “hatred” and a negative in my direction, 80% of womans.


And your current attitude to bad habits?

— There is definitely no cigarette, only if there is a hookah. And I have a neutral attitude to alcohol, I haven’t been drinking myself for a year. I know many athletes who like to relax with a bottle of wine and a hookah. So the main thing here is to be smart and in moderation.

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