Do you know what a Greek kiss is?

If kissing is the best known form of showing affection, when it comes to sex, the kiss becomes even more fundamental for the excitement of both parties during foreplay and during the act itself. But not everyone is prepared to talk about Greek kissing.


what is greek kiss

It is a practice that consists of licking or caressing the other person’s anus with the mouth. It promises to contribute to make sex more enjoyable and get out of the routine.

Greek kiss

How to do the Greek kiss

It has no secret, you can use your hands and slide your fingers into the anal area. It is also possible to introduce the finger into the anus. This type of preliminary helps to create a climate and stimulate the pair for the Greek kiss.

There’s no need to rush, you can lick the buttocks to warm up, and gradually bring the tongue closer to the anus, also licking the buttocks in circular motions. A cool tip is to take the opportunity to masturbate the person during practice.


One way to avoid scares when performing the Greek kiss is to wash the area before sexual intercourse begins. In the shower, move one buttock away from the other and let the water run over the place. Apply some mild soap to the anus and rub with your fingers. Be careful not to get hurt.

Greek kiss benefits

  • The anal region has many nerve endings that react to stimulation and cause peaks of pleasure during sex.
  • Practice increases the couple’s intimacy, and strengthens the connection between them. (As long as those involved feel comfortable)
  • Getting out of the routine and having new experiences can also strengthen the bond between the couple

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