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Funny, sometimes a porn site can attract our eyes so much, but when we access it and start digging around we discover that something is missing, not that the presentation is bad, but that it seems to be much more of the same and without great valued innovations, Empflix is ​​a of these cases.




Emplix is ​​one of the best porn sites that at the first contact fills our eyes with joy for the way it presents its contents, easy and attractive design, you must think what a cave I’ve been living in that I’ve never found or heard of this site in my life .

Anyway, maybe you’re in a cave, Emplix has lived in the shadows for a long time, the site first appeared in mid-2008, but given the countless other powerhouses like Pornhub and Xvideos it’s no surprise that it turned out fine in the end of research.



Incidentally, the site offers a unique experience, no wonder it has a vast amount of videos, what can be frustrating is that the vast majority of videos are short in duration, but if you expect many categories you can get lost among so many opportunities, what What I noticed is the care in having content aimed at Hentai and BBW.

In case you can’t find it easily, you can use the categories to show only what you want, a pity is that Empflix limits the amount that can be selected, and when it comes to channels, things don’t go very well.


The site seems to be one of the few that does not have a partnership with major studios in the industry, even though it has the category tab it is strange to realize that when clicking it does not display anything and the void seems definitive, which relates to the display of the actresses who are presented in such a way easy and contemplative among many names.

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Finally, Emplix is ​​not one of the best sites, still lack of care in some places, we realize that their concern is in quantity and not necessarily in quality. Well, but if you want to waste some time, maybe find something good and valuable.

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