Fernanda Estrela – Shining on Testosterone

Fernanda Estrela is 34 years old and certainly shines brighter than an entire constellation. She was born in Florianópolis and has been a model since she was a child, in fact, she was even a Playboy bunny.

However, the blonde did a special sensual shoot for our partners at Bella da Semana and we separated some excerpts from the interview and photos. Check below:

Fernanda Estrela

Fernanda Estrela
Fernanda Estrela – Shining on Testosterone 4

First, whatWhat other jobs have you done as a model?

I modeled for the Sexy Machine brand for four years, from the age of 16 to 20, I also did some commercials, fashion shows, fairs and my last job was the Playboy Bunny in December 2010.

Possibly have a costume party over the weekend, what do you wear?

I would definitely dress up as a princess.

Fernanda Estrela
Fernanda Estrela – Shining on Testosterone 5

What do you do when no one is looking?

I fix the neckline.

Fernanda Estrela faz academy?

No, but I intend to start this year! 🤣 I don’t have patience and mood, so I need a little push.

Do you practice any sport?

Today nothing. But when she was younger she pretended to ride waves…

For you, sex is

Fernanda Estrela: Love, fitting, total surrender, feeling two bodies becoming one in a single moment. Essential in a relationship!

What do you do when you want to impress a man in bed?

I make a girl face.

Have you ever kissed another woman?

Now yes.

How do you sleep?

Baby doll, nightgown, just panties… it depends!

Finally, ubut important conquest

Fernanda Estrela: An important one? I do not know! So, in my life, all my achievements are very important, I don’t know how to define one more than the other. Because I’m very intense in everything I want and thank God until today I’ve always conquered everything I wanted.

Fernanda Estrela
Fernanda Estrela – Shining on Testosterone 6

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