Folgosa is pure inspiration and attitude

Name: Thamires (Folgosa)
Age: 25 years
City: Angra dos Reis (RJ)



Folgosa is camgirl and alternative model. The muse is a tremendous inspiration and encouragement of self-love for women, as she also loves to point out. She is one of the new faces of the industry, her contents are always with her total freedom, which carries much of her essence.

We at Testosterona like to introduce new faces to this industry, so we talk about your career, personal life and your future.

To brighten up this interview even more, we put pictures of her rehearsal for Suicide Girls.


To begin with, what does being a camgirl mean to you?

Being a camgirl goes beyond showing off on the internet, it ranges from a more intimate chat to fulfilling a sexual fantasy. It’s always being willing to take on new challenges, trying to understand, having empathy, helping with new discoveries, always looking for a reciprocal feeling, keeping secrets and giving yourself completely.

lazy, what did you do before being camgirl?

Before being a camgirl I worked as an administrative assistant. I worked in several types of companies such as: commerce, health and education.

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How did people close to you react?

My friends didn’t judge me, some thought it was weird, but nothing changed. Regarding the family, many turned their backs and spoke badly behind their backs, but I learned to filter out these types of people, I only keep in touch with those who really respect me.

lazy, Has much in your life changed after being a camgirl?

Yes, both in my personal life and in the financial part, today I feel able to fulfill all my dreams. I feel more confident, more sure of myself.


What are your hobbies at Folgosa?

On my days off, I love to spend the day lying down watching series, enjoying my family and traveling, I love to travel.

What is it like to produce your own content?

I love producing my own content, many think it’s pretty easy, but it’s not. I plan everything, scripts, lingerie, editing. I’m very detail oriented, so sometimes I spend hours editing a 5 min video. But it’s very tasty.


What type of content do you most enjoy offering your fans?

I love shooting themed videos, like: ”I let uber pass the hand” or ”I gave the neighbor a blowjob”, very real themes, I love producing fetish content.

What do you like most about this medium?

The freedom to be who I want and when I want, and the filter of people, those who follow me are people who really enjoy my work or like me as a person. But I confess that the remuneration is very attractive too.


Which people in the world do you admire?

I really admire Sexy Angel (Emanuelly Raquel) and Emme White, they are my biggest inspirations, you can see that what they do is real, it’s remarkable that they love what they do.

What content have you produced? Is there any that really moved you?

Folgosa: I love producing content with friends, but the most recent one became special, I recorded it with my friend who is also a camgirl, Sandra Almeida, it was basically our first meeting and the content we recorded was very intimate, it was real, it was intense.

How do you deal with prejudice by those who claim you are out of line?

Nowadays I don’t let that put me off, I’ve suffered enough prejudice, but today I just ignore it. There is an audience for all body types and my audience is very affectionate with me.


Were you already a consumer of porn content before joining the medium?

Yes, I was always very curious, I always watched videos and was very curious about this world in real life.

What is your favorite type of porn?

I love lesbian porn and role play. But it depends on the moment, I love to watch female oral and female masturbation.

Folgosa, cHave a fetish of yours for us?

I love showing off and being vouyer. I really like being watched and watching lol, it’s very nice.


lazy, How is your fans’ relationship with you?

It’s very quiet, they are always very respectful and kind. I always try to answer them and reciprocate the affection I receive.

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If you could choose anyone to record with you, who would it be?

Emme White, absolutely. I love her style, professional profile and I’m a super fan.

Did you already know Testosterone?

Yes, I already knew, I always follow the news on twitter and visit the blog, I like the interviews and essays. I would even love to pose for the blog, I love the diversity of models.

lazy, the space is yours to leave a message for our readers

I loved the interview, I would like to leave here my thanks and follow me on my Instagram, Twitter and subscribe to my Onlyfans. Come and get to know me a little more. Thank you Testosterone team and see you soon.

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