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Gil Jung 2

Name: Gil Young
Age: 35 years
Birthplace: Sao Leopoldo (RS)
Instagram: @giljung

Think of a gaucho to stop traffic, it’s her, Gil Jung. Colorada at heart but Corinthian by choice, this show by a 35-year-old woman is a true celebrity in the sensual digital world.

Gil Young

Based in São Paulo, Gil Jung is an actress, presenter, businesswoman and psychology student. Among her hobbies are studying human behavior, enjoying her dogs, the beach and working out.

The stunning blonde revealed some intimate secrets to us during her interview, starting with the fact that she is sapiosexual (she is attracted to intelligent men) and to win her over, a man first needs to love himself, take care of himself, be considerate, intelligent, kind and authentic.

Sex for her is pleasure and sex with connection is more delicious! One of her sexual fantasies is traveling the world with someone special and having sex in the most unusual places possible! Who will be the lucky one?

Come with us to check out this shoot for Diamond Brazil with Gil Jung nude.

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Gil Young

Is this your first sensual shoot?

It was also in Rio Grande do Sul, for the Colirio of the Click RBS website. And Playboy Bunnies.

What is your education and profession?

Actress, presenter, businesswoman and psychology student.

What does Gil Jung like to do, what are her hobbies?

I like to study about human behavior, enjoy my dogs, the beach and work out.

Gil Young

Any country you would like to visit?

I want to know Japan

What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Travel the world presenting the Almost Secret Diary for Multishow. On these trips I did and got to know the most unusual things I’ve ever seen.

Do you have any erotic fantasies? Which and why?

Look, I have several… laughs!

Do you have any “forbidden desires”?

Not prohibited.

Gil Young

Do you have a fetish for any part of your body?

I have a fetish for intelligence.

What is your sexual orientation?

I’m straight, I like the traditional one.

What for you is irresistible for Gil Jung on a man?

I like Authenticity.

What part of your body do you like the most?

I love my butt.

1668492321 687 Gil Jung %E2%80%93 Sex in unusual places

How did Gil Jung sleep?

Always at ease. Studies prove that sleeping naked helps speed up metabolism. Laughs

Which lingerie is right for you, why?

Oh it depends on the day…

What qualities does a man need to have to win you over?

First, love yourself, take care of yourself, be considerate, smart and kind.

How do you live with the songs?

If they are polite I like it and I think it’s fun, I love creative people. Haha

Gil Jung nua

Have you ever kissed women? How it was?

Not in real life, but I’ve had the opportunity to experience some artistic works. I found it very different.

Sex for you is…


Is forbidden sex better?

I think with Connection it’s better…

Do you have any sexual fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled yet? Which one?

Travel the world with someone special, and perform in the most unusual places possible… lol

1668492327 773 Gil Jung %E2%80%93 Sex in unusual places

gil young, do you like watching adult movies? Accompanied or alone?

I’m not used to watching adult movies…

Do you find female masturbation natural or is it still taboo?

Super natural, practical every week… I love it.

Have you ever had sex in public places? Can you tell us where?

Sex in public places? Yes, but it’s a secret… Laughter!

Gil Jung nua

What sexual experience would you like to repeat?

I prefer new experiences…

And what wouldn’t you do again?

Doing something just to please, without being in the mood.

Did you already know Diamond Brazil?

Yup. I’m a fan.

Which team are you rooting for? Do you support a European team, which one?

I support Corinthians since I moved to São Paulo. But since I was a child for Internacional do RS. European like Barcelona.

How did the opportunity to pose for Diamond Brazil come about?

I was invited by the muse Viviane Bordin. I couldn’t refuse this wonderful experience. Anxious to see the results of the photos.

Gil Jung nua

How did the idea for your essay come about?

Vivi along with her team thought of something different especially for my shoot.

gil young, what is your favorite part of rehearsal?

I liked the carriage part. But the whole rehearsal was special.

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My loves, I hope you like the rehearsal, I did it with a lot of love and affection. I look forward to seeing you on my social networks. Kisses and have fun.

Gil Jung nua
Gil Jung nua

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