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Published on 2020/02/28

It was just a week ago that a security alarms’ salesman passed by your house. Your mother said no, that your neighborhood was safe, that you didn’t need to spend money on alarms. The gentleman insisted but your mother knew how to stay her ground. When she makes a decision there is no one to change her mind.
Today, some people broke into our house. I was alone in the bathroom. I didn’t hear anything until I had them on top of me. Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.

All these scenes have left our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP where more than 5000 friends share daily the best that goes through our hands. A well-connected COMMUNITY that tries to have a good time away from the worldly noise of typical social networks.
The GROUP as I say is PRIVATE and can only be accessed through the INVITATION LINKS that I share in AlRincon from time to time. The INVITATION is a link that works for a few hours. After a while it stops working and no one can access the GROUP until I share another LINK. If you want to enter and the link is no longer working, you will have to visit the AlRincon homepage daily until you find a valid INVITATION LINK that is active. You must be quick and enter before the door closes again.
The link that works right now, today 02/28/2020 is this one:
If you can not enter the GROUP, or for you the GROUP is very stressful, I tell you my friend that AlRIncon also has a TELEGRAM CHANNEL where only I can upload things. A selection of what I like most of the GROUP.
The CHANNEL link is always the same and is an open CHANNEL: thotleak.
If you want to download TELEGRAM you can do it from your AppStore or from its official website:

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Johnny-Five is still alive!


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