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Published on 2021/08/27


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I don’t know if I really want the week to end or that the week goes by so fast that I lost track of time. Yesterday, as some of you have told me, it was not Friday, and I was convinced that it was, to the point of publishing a video in one of the “Extra Balls” with the well-known song “its friday then” by Mufasa.
But no, yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday. Today it’s time to be happy because the week is ending, and a little sad because Saturday and Sundays are off at ALRNCN. Will you be able to hang in there those days? No hard feelings, bad vibes or feeling blue, okay? We’ll be back on Monday as always with more and better content.
But hey, we still have all of this Friday ahead of us, so let’s stop chatting and get down to business.
We’re getting started.

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Extra Thot
Yes, my friend, yes, today is Friday.

Extra Thot2

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