Published on 2020/05/21



One of the platforms that is making the most out of this pandemic and the social isolation that we are experiencing, is Only Fans. The adult sector is closed, there are no movies being filmed, there are no photo sets and advertising investment, in general, has also stopped, therefore, if companies do not pay because they cannot work, where to get money from? Directly from the user.
Onlyfans is a platform that allows actresses and models to offer exclusive content to their fans for a small fee. Obviously, that content must have that fair and necessary incentive for a man to want to pay to see it. Exactly: photos and videos where they are naked and masturbating.
Where’s the catch? Well, you can subscribe to one to see what goes up, but you can’t subscribe to all of them. And if the film and music industry, with their lobbyists and their lawyers, have not been able to stop piracy, don’t expect these women will.
It is enough to know how to move around the internet to see the content of onlyfans of the majority of women that have it, or at least of the most famous and requested ones.
On the other hand, not everyone understands that if you pay $ 20 to see content, you want to see good material EVERY DAY. It is not enough with a photo every two or three days that you could see on your Instagram. EVERY DAY they must work their account, and not all do, so the feeling of cheating and having thrown money away is caused by some accouts.

In case you haven’t noticed or don’t recognize her, she is the porn actress Autumn Falls. Here’s a link where you can see several of her scenes.
Porn scenes from Autumn Falls

Extra Thot
Gel dispenser.

She is Aaliyah Love and in this other link you can see several of her porn videos..

Extra Thot2

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Sexy Alisa Rattanachawangkul aka Alisa Aiz