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Published on 2021/07/28

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), thus summarized, are a series of guidelines that must be taken into account when programming and writing a web page so that it is positioned in the first natural results of Google, and thus, can receive visits from people interested in its content.
Over the years, I have learned many SEO techniques, but due to the condition of my work, there are times when I have to put out the anti SEO, meaning there are times when I am not interested in having my pages appear in Google so that they do not reach the “hands” of people I don’t care about.
If you are Ashley, and you do not want your content to be seen out there for free because you charge for it, you hire the services of a company to scan the network in search of pages that show your paid content. Under threats and enforcing the laws of their corresponding country, they kindly invite you to remove the content with a cease and desist or face the consequences.
Ashley T is a very sought-after girl on the internet, her content is in high demand in forums and chats and these photos are among the last that she has shared. FYI, you should not be able to see the following content unless you are a member of her OF.

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