Published on 2020/02/25

I am not going to discover anything if I tell you that Japanese porn is the most bizarre porn ever, and they are unique in the way they to have sex and drive the desire and fantasy to the highest end.
Thanks to Zenra, the largest distributor of pornography in Japan, and sponsor of Arlincon, I discovered a world of perversion that, it is not that I didn’t now, because I have been in this business for many years, but I have seen a range of colors and nuances that have allowed me to expand my vision of what vice and depravation is to extreme levels.
I mean, to a certain extent you can openly recognize that you consume porn, because viewers by general rule imagine a random scene where guys fuck girls in this or another position and that’s it, but if you declare yourself openly as a Japanese porn follower and describe one of its sizes bizarre to an audience, you will possibly leave those present with a bitterly feeling and do not see half of them ever again.
Therefore, only for that reason, it is worth consuming that kind of pornography, because it is a very crude example of the where you can take vices regarding sexuality. It is a kind of pornographic sashimi that as an spectator, teaches you a lot about how we are as a species. It is an exercise of self-learning that can give you a lot, but badly managed will undoubtedly take you to the dark side.

The Zenra experience has been a blast for me, and I’m glad that the destiny has gathered us.
STOP THE TIME – SHAMELESS CLASSROOM HAREM is one of the last scenes I have seen. Of course, it makes a difference.

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