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 This you will never forget! On the last day of summer in 2014, there was a massive leak of intimate photos of celebrities. This incident was called fappening and entered history as a landmark event.

Only the most piquant light came out and in the shortest possible time spread throughout the world wide web. Soon it became available to everyone with a mobile device. Then all the photos were put together and published on this web site.

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   The “information dump” occurred after the hacker attack of the iCloud server, although Apple categorically denies it. There were too many injured (there are those who calmly reacted to this). Some lawyers argued that on the part of the photographs their clients are depicted at the age of 18 years old (this can be attributed to child pornography and is very heavy).

Dua Lipa is no exception to this list. Dua Lipa nude is known for appearing in public without underwear. Many headlines are full of such sharp phrases “The British singer disgraced herself in front of everyone when the paparazzi caught her without panties and bra during another walk.” But, fortunately, the girl is not at all embarrassed and she feels quite comfortable and confident.

She posted some of these pictures on her Instagram profile, which proves the above. It’s only the beginning! But curious journalists are ready to dodge in any way to catch the necessary frame. By the way, this fatal beauty is in the ranking of the most influential women.

   Laci Kay Somers is all in one bottle – the chef, singer lady and personal trainer. She literally shakes her account with posts where she demonstrates her gorgeous body. Blonde has long won the hearts of the largest percentage of the male population of our planet. If you are a guy with a good sense of humor and you have a tattoo, then maybe she will pay attention to you.

Do not flatter yourself, it’s not for long, because only sport is her friend. Laci kay Somers nude is very mesmerizing. A gorgeous figure, the look of a tigress, blond hair – this is the calling card of this little freak. Without this, nowhere else. So you can just admire and envy.

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