Published on 2020/02/26

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If you want to be part of our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP, where more than 5000 friends share hundreds of content pieces daily, I leave you an INVITATION LINK so you can enter.
This link will work only for a few hours, so if it doesn’t let you in, it’s because it’s expired, or because you’re trying to get in with an Apple device.
f it’s the first situation and you are trying to enter from Windows or Android and it tells you that the link is not valid, it means the link has expired. You’re late. What you can do is visit the AlRincon homepage daily until you find a new link (I usually share 1 or 2 per week).
If you try to access with an Apple device, bad news, you will not be able to enter. Apple’s fault is because it doesn’t allow you to watch porn from their devices. As you hear it! Telegram, due to Apple’s requirements, blocks channels and groups where adult content is shared, even if you are an adult. If Telegram does not comply with this, Apple does not let them publish theor APP in the Apple Store.
Well, the link of our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP is this one:


And if for you the GROUP is a little too much to handle, I recommend you join my TELEGRAM CHANNEL. Over there we are almost 16,000 users. In the CHANNEL only I am allowed to share things, and what I usually do is that I share what I like most about the GROUP or I consider more relevant. It is like a selection of the best of the GROUP.
The CHANNEL is public and the link is always this one: thotleak.
The important thing to all this is that you have downloaded and installed TELEGRAM, either on your computer or on your mobile. Or on both devices. I have it in both and it goes great. They synchronize perfectly and you can enter from any of the two, from where it is most comfortable for you at all times.
I leave you the link of its official website so you can download it:

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