Published on 2020/05/26

It’s only been five days since the last entry of “Tits”. Are tits my favorite part of a woman’s body? Yes, they are, I could fool you but it is absurd to try to fool myself. I hope the asses don’t take it too seriously though.

If you want to be part of our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP, where more than 6000 friends share hundreds of content pieces daily, I leave you an INVITATION LINK so you can enter.
I remind you that while the homebound lockdown is up due to the quarantine, the GROUP is open to everyone, but if you try to access it with an Apple device, bad news, you will not be able to enter. Apple’s fault because it does not allow you to watch porn from their devices.

Just like that! Telegram, due to Apple’s demands, blocks channels and groups where adult content is shared, even if you are an adult.
If Telegram does not comply with this, Apple will ban their APP in the Apple Store.
Well, the link of our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP is this one:

And if the GROUP is too much for you to handle, I invite you to join my TELEGRAM CHANNEL. In there we are more than 17,000 users. In the CHANNEL only I can share things and what I do is that whatever I like the most about the GROUP or consider most relevant, I would share it in the CHANNEL. It is like a selection of the best of the GROUP.
The CHANNEL is public and the link is always this one: thotleak.
The important thing to all this is that you have downloaded and installed TELEGRAM, either on your computer or on your mobile. Or on both devices. I have it in both and it is great. They synchronize perfectly and you can enter from any of the two, from where you are most comfortable at all times.
I leave you the link to its official website so you can download it:

Extra Thot
Twerk sex

The scene is Brazzers’ Doctors without Bras, starring Kendra Lust and Rachel Starr. Here are some links so you can see some of their porn scenes.
Kendra Lust porn videos
Rachel Starr porn videos

Extra Thot2


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