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Published on 2021/05/31

luzos, vc
If you have not been in a cave for a long time kidnapped by jihadists or abducted by aliens, you will know very well who Amouranth is, the queen of Twitch’s “hot tub” trend. A few days ago, Twitch decided, without prior notice, to withdraw advertising income due to the nature of her content (she is dedicated to streaming wearing small bikinis in an inflatable pool, many times mounted on a huge inflatable banana). The thing is that after much deliberation, Twitch has not only allowed her to monetize her content back but also created a new section in its categories that is called “hot tub”. Point to Amouranth and to all those who like her try to make fame and money by using her bodies in inflatable pools.


Before her ban, Amouranth would earn about $ 500,000 per year from advertising, and now (assuming she’d work the same amount of time) she could only make $47,000. As she herself commented a few days ago “before getting banned, I made $1,000 per day thanks to ads, and yesterday, after a live show of about 15 hours, with an average of 15,000 viewers, I only made $130 in ads.”
Despite all the “roadblocks” that Twitch puts on her way, Amouranth has not stopped a single day of streaming because she knows that the paltform is a huge source of new users that she can later monetize in many other ways and through many other platforms.


This was only an introduction to a couple of videos I’d like to share with you.

Amouranth plays the game of “I only show you just enough so that you always want more.” She only shows “more” to those who are willing to pay for it, and of course, that content costs a lot to leak. Whoever pays $ 500 for a photo or video, which there are available, then does not share that material with anyone. The dynamic is very different to paying the basic OnlyFans subscription for example, where people would disclose the content with their friends or directly online.
Another person who has also played this game for a long time and does it very well is Ashley Tervort.

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The old puppy trick.

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