Ivy Denali – She’s back and looking gorgeous!

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As usual, Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and around the world, so we bring you the sensual test of another one of our Testosterona Girls wonders: Ivy Denali.

So, the beautiful cat is back and you won’t be able to resist this incredible photo shoot by photographer Beto Hilches.

Ivy Denali

So this isn’t the first time Ivy Denali is admired by everyone here on the Blog – click here to see her other essay. And indeed, like all that is good, we ask for more, she came back! At 26, she works in a rock pub and as an alternative model. But in her spare time, she knows what she likes to do: “Flying, reading a book, watching series or catching up on sleep”.

Testing was done at ZzCycle Speed ​​Shop.

Ivy Denali


At first, she started doing sensual essays to improve her self-esteem, Ivy Denali really enjoyed her return to the Blog: “I loved it, I recently underwent a rhinoplasty, now I feel fulfilled and this essay gave me another vision of myself, in addition to having been done with motorcycles, which is a passion for me”. We love it too!

Ivy Denali

not here blog

As this is not the first time that Ivy Denali appears here on the Blog, in the meantime we are curious to know what she likes to see here the most: “In addition to the space you give to models, I like the tips on sex for the opposite sex and content about events, music and movies”, he comments. And we love to see you around here!

Ivy Denali

More than friends, followers

In principle, do you want a good relationship? Then just become a follower of Ivy Denali. And indeed, she gets a lot of messages, of course! “Most always send me messages admiring my work or giving some constructive touch. They also like to share everyday situations, either with a motorcycle or with something related to what I posted. I love this interaction”, comments the cat.

Siga Ivy Denali no Instagram

Ivy Denali


A photographer since 2010, Beto Hilches has sensual shots as his main work, that is, he is 100% dedicated to this and wants to go further: “For 2020 I plan to start photographing in other cities in the country. Many girls ask me about this, if I could go to them!”. So the great challenge of the profession for him is to make the rehearsals as natural as possible.

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With you Ivy Denali naked:

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