Izazinha, the secrets of a sweet sensuality

Izazinha 20

Name: Izazinha
Age: 23 years
City: Sao Paulo
Twitter: @Izazinha4
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Izazinha is a camgirl, she started in the camming scene in April 2020 and has been earning her place. The muse bets on praising the foot fetish of many men, apart from arousing the curiosity of many to imagine her face.

We at Testosterona love to feature new camgirls from the industry, so we chatted about her career, personal life and the desires of men.

How did you start working as a camgirl? Was it difficult to get into this business?

I started by buying a Logi webcam. It cost R$ 250 over the internet. It was the best investment I made, even a tip for those who want to start. Spend this amount, but receive direct, because without the camera there is no work.

What I did was to have a room of my own, after all it needs privacy. It took a long time to get organized and get started, I started this year 2020 in April. It was super worth it, I tried to learn a lot especially by looking at Pit Magrin’s social media. It was through her Facebook that I discovered camgirl’s life.

Izazinha, Is hiding your face some secret to messing with men’s subconscious?

Look at this, even those who show their face sometimes wear a mask. This attracts, because men like to imagine a lot. I don’t show it, because I prefer and feel horny to see my body.

I think this ends up drawing more attention to the body and has the mystery part, the user imagining the face according to his taste. I think that way and I think it’s an advantage for someone like me to hide it.

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What do you like most about your job? And what do you not like?

I like several things, especially my realization that this work and only this work brings me. I don’t like having something to do at times that I know I get along with, that I get (laughs).

Izazinha, what will people find in your living room?

Education and they will leave satisfied and without the frustration of finding something to do and not to do. What do I combine?

Is there any sex worker that inspires you or serves as a reference for your work?

Peat Lean

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Izazinha, How does it feel for you to be desired by so many men?

There is nothing better, my self-esteem is high every day, of course, that happens, because they are educated men, and they know how to treat a woman very well.

Foot pictures became a sensation, why do you think men like to see?

They like it because of the sole of the foot. I think the most beautiful part of the body skin is the soles of the feet.

Izazinha, What’s the secret to winning you over?

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Be polite, communicative in paid chat and know how to treat me very well.

How do you think about the contents to awaken men’s desire?

I know what they want, because I’m bi, it’s easy (laughs).

Izazinha, What turns you on during sex?

Oral sex on me, lots of foreplay, so first of all I touch myself a lot in front of the cam.

Are only men looking for you or also women?

Men and couples, not women.

Izazinha, What qualities do you most appreciate in a man?

Kindness, chivalry and romanticism.

Despite working with adult content, do you enjoy watching pornography?

I watch this every day before I even go to work, I always liked it.

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What is your relationship with your fans?

We ended up being colleagues, I have great affection for everyone

Do you have a channel on Xvideos or Pornhub? Ever thought about having?

I’ll do it there, yes, as I live there watching. It’ll be good to see me, I’m just looking it over before I start.

Would you agree to participate in a porn production if an invitation came up?

No, because it shows the face, apart from that I like to do solo and do it myself.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to sleep, play games and travel.

How long have you known Testosterone, what do you like most about the site?

3 months, I like everything.

Do you have a dream you still want to fulfill?

Yes, in the future to make videos with other women in the field.

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The girls who are reading and want to start I say just one sentence: it will be the best thing they will do. Men take your time in the chats and remain kind to the models. You’re great!

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