Jady Baroni – the girl from Minas Gerais who will brighten your heart

jady baroni

Jady Baroni is 24 years old and lives in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. She is body piercing, and our reader of the week.

Instagram: @cactodejady

To start the conversation, we ask how she defines herself:

I define myself as a woman with a strong personality, versatile, who can adapt to any person or situation. I have the appearance of being tough and insensitive, but I’m a flower, I’m just not afraid to show what I don’t like.

Jady Baroni

Jady Baroni

Jady Baroni

Tell us a little about your activities

I work with piercings, I’ve been to many studios in my city, and abroad too. Today I have the home and event drilling project. But wherever you need me, I am too, I don’t have any frills for work, from waitress to administrative assistant, I’ve done a little of everything.

What does Jady Baroni like to do in her spare time?

My main hobbie is listening to music (I don’t go without it, whether taking a shower or even sleeping), I also spend a lot of my free time watching series or videos of random curiosities on YouTube. I also like to write, texts, poems, my personal revolts… Sometimes I make some drawings, although I’m more focused on that.

Jady Baroni

Do you like sports? Do you cheer for any team?

I’ve practiced many sports, including fights, nowadays, due to laziness, or sedentary lifestyle, I don’t practice anymore. But the football team that, so to speak, is what I support is Cruzeiro (but as a good indecisive Libra, I identify myself with Corinthians secondarily, laughs)

What types of movies do you like the most?

Jady Baroni: I really like horror movies, thrillers, police investigations, etc. Science fiction, comedy… Movies in general, just romance that I’m a little lazy, I only watch it if it arrives and the movie is already playing and holds my attention. My favorites that I can remember are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , Natural Born Killers and If I Stay.

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What are your favorite series?

One of my favorite and most practiced hobbies is marathoning series, I’m addicted! One horror movie I loved was The Haunting of Hill House. Comedy, Young Sheldon, Angel from Hell. American Gods, Better Than Us are pretty good too, those are the ones I watched recently but there are probably a lot more I loved but can’t remember at the moment.

What musical style does Jady Baroni listen to the most?

I’ve always liked international music more, but at the moment I’m listening to a lot of national music, like national raps, sweeter songs, etc. I really like MPB, rock, Sad Music, Indie, electronic music, trap, in general, I listen to everything in fact, so I can’t separate just one style or artist, I just don’t like pagode very much, otherwise I can listen to everything.

However, a song that I listen to since I was a child, love and never get tired of it is Zombie by The Cranberries (I love this band), it was even the first song I sang in karaoke when I had the courage (drunk, ok).

Jady Baroni
Jady Baroni – the girl from Minas Gerais who will brighten your heart 11

Which book marked you the most?

The hut. It held my attention, for the police investigation, and it also has a very beautiful teaching, it includes everything I like, crime, mystery, etc.

Who are the people who inspire you?

My mother, for sure, without even having to think about it. I am not usually inspired by celebrities, singers, actresses, etc. I am inspired by life stories, strength in the day-to-day rush and personalities. I admire and am inspired by women entrepreneurs, who fight to have their own space. This is my kind of inspiration, I don’t “pay dick” to ‘artists’ just for being famous artists

Jady Baroni
Jady Baroni – the girl from Minas Gerais who will brighten your heart 12

Have you been monitoring Testosterone since when?

Wow, it’s been many years, I don’t even remember for sure, I met him and started to follow him on twitter, then I got to know the blog. I like the variety of subjects it covers, it has content beyond just beautiful women.

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Brother of Jady Baroni
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Brother of Jady Baroni

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