Jeeh – A Carioca full of charm

We love to bring sensational women worthy of surprising natural beauty whenever we can, that’s when we don’t discover the brilliant surprises of the Suicide Girls, glorious rehearsals that carry harmony and conquest in a visually artistic way, so today it’s time to be surprised by the charms from Jeeh.





Jeeh is an affectionate nickname that became Jéssica Maia’s stage name. The muse is from Rio de Janeiro, you may not remember, but the brunette has already been here and starred in a glorious test as Testosterona Girls in mid-2018.

Jeeh – A Carioca full of charm 7

The 31-year-old from Rio began to explore her sensual side by admiring the photo shoots of some women in the past, especially the Suicide Girls, just look at destiny dictating paths. She had no idea that one day she would have her essays featured on the site.


Incidentally, something totally different from her former professional life, flight attendant. Today Jeeh lives exclusively on what he earns with his photos or videos. A muse who knows how to sensualize in a natural and enchanting way. In case that’s not enough for her stares, Jeeh even has a raucous profile on Camera Prive for hotter discoveries.


If you were mesmerized by Jeeh, wait until you discover her Instagram profile, the carioca knows how to attract with irresistible photos, precisely because we perceive a due glow in her ravishing and conquering eyes.

1670130623 312 Jeeh %E2%80%93 A Carioca full of charm

To value the immensity of our Jeeh, we separated some photos from one of her last essays called Let’s Go To Rio (Let’s go to Rio) that knew how to accurately capture its powerful essence.

1670130626 325 Jeeh %E2%80%93 A Carioca full of charm

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