Jessica Almeida – She puts on a show!

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As usual, Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, so we bring you the sensual test of another one of our Testosterone Girls wonders: Jéssica Almeida

Charming, she is here on the Blog and promises to enchant everyone with this essay shot by photographer Helen Mayer.

Jessica Almeida

Jessica Almeida knows very well how to charm. She is full of style and at 18 years old, the girl who was born in Ponta Grossa, loves to pose for the cameras and show off her curves, which she got after a lot of working out – something she loves to do.

Jessica Almeida

B side

Discovering Testosterone on Instagram, the cat enjoyed taking pictures for the Blog too much. But even though she loves being in front of the cameras, she knows the boring side of it all: prejudice. And she’s been through situations like that. How does she cope? “I usually don’t care about people’s opinion of me”, comments Jéssica Almeida. It’s absolutely right!

Jessica Almeida

Perfect match

Adept at BDSM, the model is the type that enjoys having a company similar to her by her side. And for those interested, the answer is no, she’s not single! And if she could create her ideal lover, she told us the three qualities she would choose: “Dark, funny and likes the gym like me”, says Jéssica Almeida.

Jessica Almeida

Great relationship

The blonde has many fans on social networks and isn’t it that the relationship with them is the best possible? Yeah, always posting her clicks beyond sensual, the cat breaks hearts and receives many compliments. So many that she’s even lost count and, for that, here’s another one: you’re beautiful!

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Jessica Almeida


Working with sensual photoshoots since 2017, Helen Mayer started the profession as a hobby, but decided to drop everything and follow her true passion. For her, the biggest challenge is facing prejudice: “Many women are afraid to do a sensual shoot for fear of what other people might think. Every woman should have the wonderful experience of being photographed in a sensual shoot.”

If she enjoyed photographing Jessica Almeida’s rehearsal? “It was great, I’ve already done some rehearsals for Jessica, so I already know how she wants the photos, as well as she already knows how I work this type of rehearsal, everything flows quickly and naturally, apart from that she’s wonderful and I love the looks she has suggests for rehearsals”, he comments.

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With you, Jessica Almeida naked:

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