Junipr – A Suicide Girl de Nashville

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Junipr is 28 years old and has been a model and suicide girl since 2016 and lives in Nashville. It will surely make you delirious, that’s why she is our suicide girl of the week. Learn more about the babe and check out the photos we’ve selected especially for our Testosterone readers!



In her bio, she says she loves cats, dogs, expensive lingerie and smoking the devil’s cigarette. But as we know that our readers’ interest goes far beyond the beauty of the models, we insist on bringing more information about this wonderful cat.

Therefore, we have separated a list of the personal likes of the beautiful model Junipr so that you can know a little more about her personality, see below.



Junipr’s favorite series are: The Office, Game of Thrones, Chef’s Table and Twilight Zone


The movies she likes the most are: Blade Runner, Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire and The Thing.


She also listed her favorite games: Animal Crossing, Resident Evil, Bound and Wow.

Of course, we only selected the best for you, that’s why we chose some photos from the “Sweet Talk” set.

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With you, Junipr Suicide Girl

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