Kayden Kross – a structure-shattering blonde

Award-winning porn actress, producer and director. Kayden Kross has been standing out in porn cinema more and more, not only for her performances on her PornHub channel or major production companies, but also for directing major productions that led her to win the AVN (The Oscar of world porn) for two years in a row.

Kayden named Maitland Ward her inspirational muse and in Ward’s own words: “One day there will be an Oscar on your shelf, proud, in a sea of ​​AVNs.” It is about her life and work that this Jurassic being who writes to you today…

Kayden Kross
Kayden Kross – a structure-shattering blonde 9

Kayden Kross

Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp, ​​or as we know her Kayden Kross, was born on September 15, 1985 in Sacramento, California. Of Swedish descent, Kross was a bookworm at school. She doesn’t speak to her father and has been totally estranged from him since she was four years old, when he abandoned the family. She is a graduate of Ponderosa High School in Shingle Springs, California in the Class of 2003 and attended California State University in Sacramento as a psychology major.

Kayden Kross
Kayden Kross – a structure-shattering blonde 10

When she was just 18, Kayden Kross was working two jobs in addition to college. One of the jobs was as a trail guide at a local farm that offered horseback rides along the river for tourists. His favorite horse, a little pony, got injured one day and the farm owners decided to send him to a slaughter auction. She only made $7.50 an hour there and couldn’t afford the pony. So her roommate came up with an unusual but perfect short-term solution. He said to him: “Why don’t you become a stripper?”


The beginning of striptease

She started to strip for a noble reason, but Kayden Kross stayed because she fell in love. She loved the attention, the work, the ritual of putting on makeup and choosing clothes, she couldn’t believe that she was now earning the same salary in one night that it took her a month to earn from two jobs. Besides, she always wanted a pony and now she had one.

A few years later, Kayden Kross was leaving her working strip club on a Friday night like any other when a man offered her $30.00 to hear her speech. He said her job was to connect models to magazines. His first essay was already for the legendary magazine “Penthouse” and later a cover for Hustler. At that time, she was a senior in college, with no real interest in pursuing a career in the field she was majoring in, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Then the contract offers started pouring in.

Career as an actress porn

She had never considered pornography, but Kayden Kross was already developing a penchant for the rituals of “shaping”, loved getting ready for the strip club. That and pursuing a career in porn seemed to have many options for growth, which a job at a strip club – or a college degree – in the economy at the time did not. Turns out, a porn actress career had more options than she ever imagined.

She finally made the leap to performing in hardcore films and Kayden Kross signed an exclusive contract with Vivid in November 2006. A year later, freed from the shackles of agents, she signed an exclusive contract with Adam & Eve. Kross was “Pet of the Month” in the September 2008 issue of Penthouse and launched her official website the same year. In January 2010, Kayden became signed to Digital Playground. Kross was named by CNBC as one of the twelve most popular girls in hardcore cinema in January 2011 and hosted the Xbiz Awards Show in 2012.

Success as a director and her independent productions

Additionally, Kayden Kross has begun writing columns for Complex and Xbiz magazines, and has also created a regular blog for Among the awards Kross has won for her work are the Hot d’Or for Best American Actress in 2009, a Venus Award for Best International Actress and an Erotixxx Award for Best American Actress in 2010 and an AVN Award for Best American Actress Girls-only group sex in 2011.

Kayden Kross
Kayden Kross – a structure-shattering blonde 15

Now, at the age of 34, Kayden Kross, in addition to acting in front of the cameras, is recognized for her work off of them, being considered the greatest director of pornography today, having won the honors of “Director of the Year” at AVN twice consecutively. Her work is marked by her artistry and ambition, placing the tired stereotype of porn cinema as a rude and unskilled enterprise, inflicting her artistic and empowering gaze.

His films are also known for their daring female leads – a reframing of porn’s traditionally male gaze. In the past, it was men deceiving women or coercing them into a sexual act. But now, in her stories, they are the boss and Kayden Kross loves to show in her productions that she is the woman who is the predator. This is much more fun for her and she considers that if the woman is the predator, she is interested in her own pleasure.

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In 2008, Kayden Kross was among the witnesses against a proposed California tax on all porn industry producers and distributors. In February 2012, she and conservative pundit Wendy Murphy appeared on Stossel, with host John Stossel, to discuss legislation in California that would require condoms to be used during the production of adult films.

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Kayden Kross – a structure-shattering blonde 16

Appearances in other media

She has also presented several awards, starred in independent films and written for several publications, mainly the New York Times. a stripper. The scene takes place during the fifth season episode “Gliding Over All”. Kross has also appeared in two of Nekrogoblikon’s music videos, “No One Survives” in 2012 and “We Need a Gimmick” in 2015.

Some memorable sex performances by Kayden Kross:



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