Lai Sampietro – A true beauty

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The future dentist Lai Sampietro is only 20 years old, mesmerizing green eyes, brown hair, full breasts and is in fact the purest doom! However, this Virgo loves a nightclub and guarantees that she has fulfilled all her sexual fantasies. But surprisingly she doesn’t consider herself a sexy woman and sees flaws in her body all the time. (Editor’s note, we did not find any).

She did a sensual shoot for our partners at Bella da Semana, and we’ve certainly separated some photos and excerpts from the interview, check it out:

Lai Sampietro

Lai Sampietro

Firstly, andn three words, how would you define yourself?

Friendly, dear and brave.

After allWhat is the magic recipe to conquer you?

To conquer me the person must be friendly, cheerful, sincere and polite.

What can’t a man do on the first date?

Lai Sampietro: I don’t like rude men.

However, have you ever fulfilled any of your sexual fantasies? Which?

At the moment I have all my fantasies fulfilled…

Everything goes between four walls?

Of course yes!

Finally, whatHow does it feel to pose for a sensual shoot?

Bella da Semana’s team was wonderful and perfect, they made me super comfortable!

With you, Lai Sampietro naked

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