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Laurie Holden The Fappening Selfie

Laurie Holden The Fappening Selfie

TheFappening Laurie Holden Nude Leaked Photo.
Laurie Holden is a 47 year old American-canadian actress, producer and human rights activist. She is best known for her roles Marita Covarrubias in the television series The X-Files, agent Olivia Murray in The Shield and Andrea in the TV series “The Walking Dead”. She is known for her roles in the films The Majestic, Silent Hill, The Mist and Dumb and Dumber To.

Laurie Holden was born in Los Angeles, in a family of actors Larry Holden and Adrienne Ellis. Five years after her birth, the parents divorced, and she has long lived in two cities — Los Angeles and Toronto (and now the actress has dual American-canadian citizenship). When her parents divorced, her mother married Director Michael Anderson, who opened acting skills, Laurie, starred her in his mini-series The Martian Chronicles in 1980.

As a teenager Laurie Holden worked as a model in a prestigious Agency in Toronto, and also played small roles on television and in the movies. Laurie Holden began her professional career as an actress in the early nineties, while working in Hollywood and Toronto, and until the end of the decade performed guest roles in various television series and also starred in the independent and television films.

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Throughout her career Laurie Holden has never participated in a Nude photoshoot. And in 47 years she’s finally pleased her fans with a Nude Laurie Holden Selfie!

Laurie Holden TheFappening Nude

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