Lilia Valença is a real show!

Affectionately nicknamed Globeleza by her friends, Lilia Valença is indeed a real show! Born in Salvador, this beauty will certainly warm up your winter with a little palm oil and Bahian pepper.

First of all, she did an essay for our partners at Bella da Semana, and we separated some photos and excerpts from the interview. Check it out below

Lilia Valença

Lilia Valença
Lilia Valença is a real show! 8

Lilia Valença

First toBesides modeling, do you have another profession? Which one?

At the moment, I’m just working as a model and focusing on my studies.

By the way, cIs there any curiosity about you…

Actually, a curiosity about my body, because every night when I go to sleep my body changes the temperature, hehehe my body heats up so much that no one can sleep spooning with me hehehe

Define Lilia Valença in three words…

Determination, imperative, sympathetic.

Would you like a threesome? Or have you already?

Hmm, I wouldn’t

Lilia Valença
Lilia Valença is a real show! 9

Lilia ValençaqWhat’s the most exotic place you’ve ever had sex?

Beach, I have a boner for the beach… ️

Do you support a football team?

As a great fan, I’m Corinthiana

Everything goes between four walls?

Yes, between 4 walls anything goes! But as long as the partners agree right? Even if the walls don’t talk, your inner self will charge you if you do something you don’t like. There is a certain discomfort and this can affect your relationship in the future, so it is very important that the couple knows the limits of each one, when to stop or move forward. Speak openly about what you can and especially about what you don’t like, which doesn’t give you pleasure and brings you discomfort.

Also, vDo you have any erotic fantasies? Have you done it?

I’m not very attached to that part no.. I find it a bit bizarre lol

Lilia Valençayou alreadyHave you ever posed before?

Never, but I always wanted to! I’m literally in love with nudity️.

Lilia Valença
Lilia Valença is a real show! 10

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