Linda Rodrigues – Nude for the first time!

Linda Rodrigues is a blonde that is sure to rock your structures. Super daring, no less surprisingly, the cat confessed that she has already fulfilled all her erotic fantasies, had sex in the trunk of a van, loves shivers on her neck and that this is her first nude test.

So, get ready to check out this beauty’s first shoot, which she posed for our Bella Da Semana partners.

By the way, Linda Rodrigues starred in one of the most acclaimed essays by Bella da Semana fans. After all, the model drew a lot of attention in the live broadcast on social networks in the first part of the test. Anyway, now the model returns to Bella in breathtaking clicks.

Linda Rodriguez

Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodrigues – Nude for the first time! 11

Firstly, the what do you do to keep that body?

Training and a balanced diet, nothing in excess.

Additionally, Linda Rodrigues, are you studying at the moment?

Faculty of life. I learn a lot from people in my everyday life and from my work. And I seek to learn about everything that I am interested in and adds to me.

Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodrigues – Nude for the first time! 12

Do you play any sport?

Not in the moment. But I’ve always loved sports like abseiling and ziplining, I want to do others too.

What do you like to do on your day off?

Linda Rodrigues: Rest and be with family and friends.

What’s your favorite music style?

I’m pretty eclectic, so I like a little bit of everything.

After all, the What does it take to conquer Linda Rodrigues?

So, I like beautiful, intelligent, fun, partner people who make me feel free to be the way I am.

What’s the first thing you notice in a man?

Smile… First thing I notice. Then comes the complement to conquer me, beauty, charisma, friendliness, etc.

Above all, whatWhat part of your body do you like the most?

I love my eyes, my hair and feet.

Have you ever been with a woman? Would you stay?

Yes, with friends of mine, but only in jest, I have no interest in women.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever made love?

Trunk of a van…

Therefore, anything goes between four walls?

Almost everything, there are some things that I don’t think are cool.

Linda Rodriguez do not give up:

A good wine.

not so vDo you have any erotic fantasies? Have you done it?

None. The ones I had already done.

Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodrigues – Nude for the first time! 13

Por fimjHave you done any nude shoots before?

Never… this was the first.

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