Luka Dias is our rock muse!

As usual Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, that’s why we bring you the sensual test of another one of our Testosterona Girls wonders: Luka Dias

Where was born: Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Where do you live: Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 21

What do you work with and for how long?

Luka Dias: I’ve been working as a model since I was 18, when I did my first cover on Arte e Comportamento magazine, and I was elected rock girl by Rock Brigade Magazine.

I still work with that, but I became an international model with tattoos and today I have a brand called Rock Zone, in which we work with exclusive clothes with customized clothes or not, and also the luxury line for the trash where I search in thrift stores around the world for pieces and customize.

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 22

What do you like to do in your free time?

My favorite pastime is cooking for my friends, for me it’s therapy.

Why did you decide to start working on your sensual side?

Luka Dias: I’ve always worked with sensuality and not sexuality, doing artistic nudes. Last year, it appeared in Tabu magazine, which is like Sexy Magazine in Brazil. My essay closes the magazine with 5 pages doing artistic nude on Abricó beach, made by a German photographer

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 23

Have you ever suffered any prejudice for this? If yes, how do you handle it?

Yes, I’ve suffered a lot of prejudice, not only because of photos but because of my look. At the time when I started tattooing myself, it wasn’t like it is today, and I swear, there have been episodes of people crossing the street making the sign of the cross.

Did you like the result of the photos for the Blog? Did it feel good?

Luka Dias: I really liked Doce’s work, she is a beautiful artist!

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 24

Did you know Testosterone how? What do you like most about the blog?

I love the blog and it is a great pleasure to be part of this beautiful family

What’s the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in while shooting?

Luka Dias: It has already happened, it was a very annoying situation of a photographer trying to touch me when taking pictures, I stopped at the time and left.

What was the place where you most enjoyed photographing?

I don’t have a favorite place, I think I loved them all, lol!

Do you have any professional dreams?

Luka Dias: I do have dreams, but I can’t tell them yet. I believe that this year promises to come a lot of news.

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 25

Who are your inspirations and references?

My inspirations are Madonna Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe.

Do you have any fetishes?

Luka Dias: In bed I like to be dominated, hair pulling and stuff like that.

How is your relationship with your fans/followers?

I love it, without them we artists would be nothing.

What kind of messages do you receive most in your inbox?

Luka Dias: I get messages from everything, from very cute messages to blocked ones, lol.

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 26

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Well, I’m very eclectic, I think it all depends on the weather of the day. I love Rock first, but I listen to Pop and Hip Hop too.

Are you single?

Luka Dias: Yes, I am.

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 27

If you could create your ideal love match, which 3 qualities would you choose?

Luka Dias: Look, I like tattooed men who have an attitude, who are affectionate and companion.

Luka Diaz
Luka Dias is our rock muse! 28

Meet the photographer Doce Suicide

Name: Tababa Hisismit (Sweet Suicide)
Instagram: @justdoce

Since when do you photograph sensual shoots?

My first experience with sensual photography was when I was 15 years old. My mother had given me an analogue camera a few years earlier. I photographed a friend half naked in the garage of her house, and I remember well indicating poses and getting her ready during the rehearsal, funny because today my strong point in photography is directing. My hike was starting that day and I had no idea. At the age of 17 I got my first job and it was in a studio and photographic laboratory, since then I have been working in this market.

Do you have a specific project?

Yes! I have a few and would love to share them all here. But today I want to tell you about the project I’m creating to photograph plus size models. As I said above, my favorite area of ​​photography is directing, and I realize that plus size models end up not having their shoots as explored as a top model with a sculptural body.
My proposal with the project is to celebrate the beauty and daring of these women, and of course, to open up even more space for them within the alt model market and alternative universe. By the way, taking advantage of the space, interested people feel free to contact me.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in making sexy photos?

A sensual essay has several phases, and each one of them has its obstacles. I think the most difficult thing is the process of convincing a woman to abandon the standards and beliefs she had until then. A sensual rehearsal demands delivery. The model needs to be involved, present and confident. So the more it frees from any TABU, the better the test result will be. That’s why before a sensual rehearsal it’s important to have a more intimate conversation with the model. Know and understand how she feels, what she seeks.

With you Luka Dias naked

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