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Artistic name: Mc Baby
Age: 29 years old
Instagram: @bebe_.oficial
Close Friends:

Photos by: @joy.diogo.cardoso

McBebe %E2%80%93 Exploring your sensuality

Mc Baby

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Welcome to Testosterone. Tell us a little about yourself so our readers can get to know you

My name is Pabliny Oliver, I’m known as Mc Baby, I’m 29 years old with a 19-year-old face! (laughs). I am an artist, singer, dancer, business model, digital influencer and entrepreneur. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old, I grew up in the sertanejo playing guitar. Then I was the lead singer of a forró band, and 3 years ago I decided to launch myself as an mc. And until then this is how I live, chasing my dreams and goals to get where I want so much! In addition to all my routine, busy life, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. My daughter is 7 years old and is special and my son is 6 years old!

How is your work routine? And what do you like to do most?

My life is a rush, but I always try to organize myself to have time for my family and my fans! I love paying attention to each of them. They are the ones who motivate me.

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And what do you like to do in your free time?

When I have free time, nothing better for me than being at home with my kids! With them all the time in the world would be little, I love watching movies, playing with them, and my biggest secret: I’m great when it comes to food, I love spending hours in the kitchen making everything we like to eat, pies, cakes, sweet lasagna and etc…

What motivated you to appear here on the Testosterone Blog pages?

So I had the immense pleasure of meeting the couple Joy Cardoso and Pernocas. They are some loves of people, who welcomed me in their city treated me in the best possible way! And they made me the proposal to land for the site! So I took the pictures with Joy, who is finally an excellent photographer, and with the company of his wife who also photographed me and made me very comfortable to take the pictures.

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Who are the people that inspire you?

As an artist I had many inspirations in each stage and phase I went through, such as in the country side Marília Mendonça, which unfortunately is no longer with us! Now in funk I have a lot of affection and admiration for Mc Mirella, and many others who started like me and made their dreams come true, for the dedication, effort and most importantly faith and persistence.

What part of your body do you like the most and why?

I love my legs and my butt, they are the most beautiful parts of my body.

mc baby

If you could choose anywhere in the world to do a sensual shoot, where would it be?

I loved the experience of shooting on the beach! I love the sound of the sea and the wind but if I could and had the opportunity I would like to be able to do a rehearsal in a really nice place outside of Brazil.

And how was it doing the photos for the blog? Did you like the experience?

yes i loved it

mc baby

What is being sexy for McBaby?

For me to be sensual is to be mysterious without devaluing yourself. Sensuality when well used represents a woman full of values ​​and mysteries, and who wants them to be discovered, but not just anyone knows how to take advantage of and recognize the message of a sensual woman. Most see a woman’s sensuality in a different and embarrassing way. They don’t know how to differentiate sensuality from vulgarity.

mc baby

Thanks for joining the blog. The space is all yours. Leave a message for our readers.

My loves, it was a great pleasure to be able to participate in the blog and show you a little bit of me! I would like to show you much more! So if you are interested in knowing more about my turbulent life. Here are all my social networks. Instagram; @bebe_.oficial, Close Friends:

mc baby

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