Morgana Dark – A multitasking talent

Morgana Dark is what we can call a complete woman! She was a porn actress, director, writer, actress (yes, a traditional actress with DRT and everything, as she insists on saying), presenter, was a semifinalist in the contest “A Noiva Loira do Tchan” and is currently a Latin American PoleDance champion. Today this Jurassic being who writes to you will talk a little about her trajectory…


Morgana Dark

Karen Fernanda Bellini was born in the city of Salto, 100km from the capital of São Paulo on April 30, 1979, better known as Morgana Dark, she had an “almost normal” childhood in the interior, I say almost because her first relationship was with a woman, she lost her virginity with her at 15 years old and they stayed together for 9 years, at 17 she came to São Paulo with the dream of becoming an actress and always very independent she ran after her livelihood.


With her partner, Morgana Dark, set up a snack trailer and then a stand assembly and visual communication company that lasted seven years. When the company went bankrupt, she participated in the contest “A Nova Loira do Tchan” and was among the top four. After that, I worked as an escort for a week, but he felt good about it and stopped. She arrived in some films and participations, that’s when she managed to fulfill her desire to be an artist, the only thing that changed was the acting segment…

Morgana Dark
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Morgana Dark’s career as a porn actress began at the age of 24 in 2003 and only became reality due to a series of events, her company had gone bankrupt, she had no money and had just ended her relationship with her girlfriend. She really wanted to enter the artistic world, but she didn’t have much openness. However, in the building where she lived there was a porn actor, he invited her to make a film, at first she was a little afraid, but then she got used to the idea.

Morgana Dark Porno

In his first film, Morgana Dark, he didn’t tell anyone, except that his photo appeared on the cover, he was already a success right away, even though he didn’t imagine that it would reverberate so much and since then he hasn’t stopped. He has about 40 films for the Brasileirinhas production company, but his filmography has more than 200 titles from different international producers, such as PayOnes, Sexxxy, Latin X, WOW Pictures, Visual Images, Buttman’s Magazine Choice, Caballero Home Video or Pajama Party Entertainment.

Morgana Dark
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Throughout her career, Morgana Dark stood out for heavy sex, she loved hardcore sex and even faced double anal penetration. She made scenes with several famous actresses and actors in Brazilian porn, among them: Júlia Paes, Alexandre Frota, Babalu, Monica Mattos, among others.

The highlight of Morgana Dark’s career was the porn parody “Deusa 300”, there she showed all her talent, she even set up a contest with fans, shaved her hair to live the “Goddess Phoenix”. he gave numerous interviews to Radio and TV programs, participated in the Pânico program, did an essay for VIP magazine and later released a book, called “Feitiço de Eros”, his autobiography. She also went on to direct her own films.

Porn Actress Morgana Dark
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In 2010, Morgana Dark became pregnant and had a daughter and in 2013 she decided to withdraw from porn and returned to the interior of São Paulo, currently living in the city of Itu and decided to dedicate herself to teaching pole-dancing. She became Brazilian runner-up in the modality in 2015 and 2017 and last year she was Latin American champion, see the video below:

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