Natalia Nazzario, the daily life of a first-time companion

Name: Natalia Nazzario
Age: 25
City: Sao Paulo
Twitter: @natalianazzario
Instagram: @natalianazzariooficial


Natalia Nazzario has been an escort for only 1 month, and her whole routine is changing, including the city where she lives. Today you know a little more about the day-to-day life of an escort. Check out the interview below, and learn more about the universe of companions.

Natalia Nazzario

Natalia Nazzario
Natalia Nazzario, the daily life of a first-time companion 10

How long have you been working as an escort and why did you decide to enter this field?

Natalia Nazzario: I’m less than a month away from my main job, I’ve always really enjoyed sex with my sponsors, but I didn’t advertise it on websites or social networks, I decided to get into it after losing my job.

What is Natalia Nazzario’s day to day and work routine like?

At the moment without much routine, the day is crazy, sometimes sex in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and almost always at dawn.

Natalia Nazzario

And how is your life outside of work?

I’m a university student, there’s very little left to complete my graduation, I’m a mother, very vain and dreamy.

Natalia Nazzario, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Read a good book, watch a movie, and play with my princess.

What changed in your life after you became an escort?

Natalia Nazzario: Everything changed, I moved to another city, I still don’t have well defined schedules and I’m adjusting things to move permanently to São Paulo, because I fell in love with this capital.

Natalia Nazzario
Natalia Nazzario, the daily life of a first-time companion 11

Do you deal with a lot of prejudice for working as a call girl?

I haven’t felt this prejudice yet, but I believe I know where I got myself into and I’ll know how to deal with each situation calmly. I know who I am and criticism doesn’t affect me.

The financial improvement, having money entering the account daily is very cool.

Natalia Nazzario, have you ever been in trouble?

Yes, I went to attend a residence and after almost 1 hour of uber, I arrived at the place and the same tells me that a friend just arrived as we had not agreed, I got scared, and I left.

And what’s the weirdest thing a customer has ever asked you to do?

Natalia Nazzario: I’m not saying it was strange, but the kitten’s request was to make bubblegum balls for him. The most interesting thing is that it really turns him on and off… I loved that encounter.

Have you come to view men’s sexual fantasies differently?

I’ve always had an open mind and I’ve had encounters with several fetishes without even being an escort.

Can you have a “normal” life after you entered this business?

Natalia Nazzario: It depends on what each person considers normal. So far I’m finding it great because I’ve been spending more time with my daughter, I have money and quality of life.

Natalia Nazzario
Natalia Nazzario, the daily life of a first-time companion 14

What did you learn about men after becoming an escort?

I could see that men are looking for something more, it doesn’t have to be just sex, they are looking for what is missing in their lives, which could be from the dialogue they no longer have at home, to an exchange of caresses or wilder sex.

Are your customers just men?

I was happy to go out with wonderful couples, explore the female body and feel the lightness and softness of a woman’s touch, without losing the footprint of the man present there.

Natalia Nazzario
Natalia Nazzario, the daily life of a first-time companion 15

What are your customers looking for? Just sex or do you talk too?

The vast majority want attention and affection, and I love to chat…

What is the profile of men looking for Natalia Nazzario?

Since I’ve only been there for a short time, I still haven’t identified a specific profile, as my audience was quite varied, from young 21 year olds to mature men over 60 years old.

Natalia Nazzario, did you already know Testosterone? What do you like most about the blog?

My friends talked about Edu, that he was famous on Twitter, I did a search and found out he had a blog. I was surprised with the content of the blog because it has a lot of information and curiosities, not just for the male audience as its name suggests. I was very happy with the invitation to the interview.

Natalia Nazzario, where can people contact you?

I prefer contacts via whatsapp +55 41 9677-9279. Also follow me on my social networks, and soon on OnlyFans

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